Jam Tracks

Playing with a metronome of some sort is vital to your progress as a guitarist, but we all know that can get very boring after a while. On this page you will find loads of jam tracks that will make practicing fun and help you not only with your timing but you stylistic playing as well.

The first section is just a collection of basic drum beats in 4/4 time that you can use for practicing instead of just using a simple metronome click. This can make things a bit more fun. These drum tracks all come in wide variety of tempos and have been designed to loop around in whatever media player you are using. Just remember to turn the repeat function on your player on if you want to practice with that track for more the 5 minutes or so.

The stylistic tracks range from anywhere between 3-7 minutes depending on the track. The cover song jam tracks are great fun. Each one has two measures of click before starting.

Jam tracks are a great way to work scales, improvising, soloing, and new songs. Have fun with these and let me know if there is any style that you would like to see added.

If you want to download the tracks, instead of just playing them out of your browser, just “right click” (“control click” for Mac) on the track and select “download linked file”. Once you do that you can just jam with the track in your media player of choice.

Bluegrass Jam Tracks