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Numbering Your Fretboard

In this guitar lesson we are going to learn about the numbers of the frets on the guitar. This may seem like a simple topic, but if you are a beginner it is pretty important. If you can quickly understand where to put your fingers during a lesson, you won’t get frustrated and you will […]

CAGED Guitar Arpeggios

If you know the layout of the CAGED sequence and your basic major arpeggio shapes then this will be an exciting lesson for you. If you don’t know the CAGED sequence you can check it out in the lesson The CAGED Guitar Sequence. The basic idea of this lesson is to take the CAGED chord […]

Right Hand Picking Exercise

In guitar lesson you will be learning two variations of an exercise that uses an A major pentatonic scale to help you work on your inside and outside of the string picking. Check out the A major pentatonic scale diagram. You should be pretty familiar with this shape before starting to work on these exercises. […]

Right Hand Guitar Exercise

In this guitar lesson we are going to learn an exercise that will help you develop your alternate picking skills. Learning how to change from one string to another is one of the things that most guitar players struggle with when they are learning how to use alternate picking. Inside and outside of the string […]

Left Hand Guitar Exercise

In this guitar lesson we will be learning a pentatonic exercise that will help you develop strength and dexterity in your left hand. In order to play this exercise you should probably know all five pentatonic scale shapes. It is not absolutely necessary that you know all five pentatonic shapes but it will make learning […]

String Pair Pentatonic Exercise

This guitar lesson will cover using string pairs to go up and down the fretboard with the five pentatonic scale shapes. Using string pairs to go through scale shapes is a great way to start playing up and down the fretboard instead of just staying in one position to play your pentatonic scales. It is […]

Strings Of The Guitar

In this lesson we are going to be learning about the names of the open strings on the guitar. First, we will present the names of the strings on the guitar, and then we will give you an acronym for them so that they will be easier for you to remember. Once you know the […]

Understanding Octave Centers

This guitar lesson is all about octave centers on the guitar. If you have never heard of octave centers before, it is basically a term used to describe the layout of all of the locations and octaves of one particular note on the fretboard. Learning how to tell where all of one particular note is […]

CAGED Guitar Sequence

In this guitar lesson I am going to share a concept with you that I was very excited about when I first learned it. It is called the CAGED chord sequence. The CAGED sequence is simply a sequence of chords that goes all the way up the fretboard. This concept really helped me to start […]

CAGED Minor Guitar Chords

Welcome to this lesson. We are going to take what we learned in the lesson about the CAGED chord sequence and apply it to minor chords instead of major ones. The CAGED sequence can be applied to minor chords just like you applied it to major chords. If you don’t know the minor chord shapes […]

CAGED Major Scale Sequence

In this guitar lesson we are going to take a look at how to apply the major scale to the CAGED sequence. If you don’t know what the CAGED sequence is you should go check out the lesson The CAGED Guitar Sequence. We will be in the key of G major for this lesson and […]

Major Scale Masterclass

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