Exercises & Fretboard Navigation

Exercises & Fretboard Navigation

This lesson category focuses on fretboard navigation and exercises to help you improve on the guitar. These video lessons are great if you are looking to gain a better understanding of your guitar.

Nate Savage is the head instructor at Guitareo

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Learn The Guitar Fretboard

If you're looking to learn how to navigate your fretboard or learn the notes on the guitar then you're in the right place. The lessons here focus on learning the fretboard of the guitar and on helpful exercises to help you progress quickly on the guitar.

With these lessons, you'll start to learn about how you can use the CAGED system to navigate the fretboard. You'll also learn how to understand octave centers. There will also be some exercises here that will help you with getting around the fretboard more easily. These lessons don't follow any sequential order so you can jump into any one that interests you.