How To Play Guitar Solos WITHOUT A Pick - Beginner Guitar Lesson

Play Guitar Solos Without A Pick

Lead Guitar

When you think about guitar solos, you probably imagine guitarists ripping it up with a pick in their hand. But some of the greatest lead guitar players abandon the pick altogether and just use their fingers. So in this lesson, Andrew Clarke is here to talk about how you can play guitar solos without using a guitar pick by looking at John Mayer and Derek Trucks.

Throughout this guitar lesson, you’ll learn about proper hand positioning for fingerpicking, the difference between using your fingernails and the pads of your fingers, how to mute the strings with both hands, flicking technique, and how to fatten notes using adjacent strings.

These techniques aren’t easy to pull off, so you may need to take your time with this lesson. At the end of the day, it’s all about developing your style and unique voice on the guitar. Don’t feel like you need to steal everything you learn in this lesson. Just use what sounds good to you.