Learn A Shape For The F Major Chord!

f major chord shapeHere is one of the most common shapes for an F major chord. This voicing uses the E bar chord shape and it is one of the most difficult chords for newer guitar players to make. If you need more help on playing bar chords you can always go to the bar chord lesson.

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  • SIDDARAJU says:

    Yes ! while practicing this i’m facing very much difficult…still i’m not clear..so please suggest me, how to make it easy..i need completes and clear suggestion on this particular…Thank you

    • Eric says:

      Try barring the first 2 strings on the first fret with your first finger. Third string second fret with your second finger, and fourth string third fret with your third finger. This will work for you until you get the full bar chord down.

    • Akihiro says:

      hilarious. i have been playing gutiar for 15 years and I never noticed the simplicity of moving from Am to D7. Just goes to show its never too late to learn something even from something that is geared towards a beginner.

  • Scott says:

    Or you could use your ring finger across D-G B Hi E Then index finger 1 fret up on A & mute low E

  • vente basket nike says:

    très bel article, vous remercie beaucoup


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