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Next Steps For Rhythm Guitar

Rhythm Guitar Quick-Start Series - Lesson 12/12

Welcome to the twelfth video of the Rhythm Guitar Quick-Start Series! You’ve made it all they way through, and we’ve covered a lot of information that will be valuable throughout your career as a rhythm guitarist.

You may feel a little overwhelmed, but don’t worry because we’ve gone through a lot of material in a short amount of time. Don’t feel like you have to absorb this all from the first time through. Feel free to come back and go through the series a second or a third time. You’d be surprised at how much you pick up again.

If you’re ready to move on, you may be wondering what you should do next. When it comes to the next step as a rhythm guitarist, there are many avenues you could look at. The important thing to do is set some realistic and attainable goals. For someone with your new rhythm guitar skills you’ve learned in this series, one thing you can do is pick one style of music to focus on.

I’d also recommend spending some time studying theory that relates to how keys work and where chords come from. Like I said at the beginning of the series, it’s important to apply everything you’re practicing to real music so you can see how it’s helping your playing. There are lots of books, DVDs, YouTube lessons, and other things on the Internet, but it can be hard to piece all of that information together to reach your specific goals.

If you’d like to fast track your progress check out It’s my comprehensive, step-by-step video training course for guitar that helps with rhythm guitar, and will help you reach your full potential in all other areas of guitar playing. Everything in Guitareo is applied to music through dozens of jam tracks, loops, and play-alongs. You can learn more about it by watching this quick video.

Thanks for working through this series with me. I hope it helped improve your playing and opened some new doors for you too.

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