5 Essential Steps to Learn Travis Picking

5 Essential Steps to Learn Travis Picking

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I LOVE fingerstyle guitar, and lately, I’ve really gotten into Travis picking.

The cool thing about Travis picking is that it’s really useful for a variety of genres, PLUS it’s a great starting point for any style of fingerpicking (and to build coordination between your thumb and fingers!)

I’m going to teach you the 5 steps you need to learn this fun and challenging style of fingerstyle playing, in under 10 minutes. 

In fact, the first step is SO easy, you might laugh at me, but it gets trickier as you go!

Step #1: Hit Single Bass Notes

Step #2: Alternate Bass Notes

Step #3: Alternate Between 3 Strings

Step #4: Put a Melody On Top

Step #5: Add a Syncopated Note

Don’t get discouraged if you struggle at first going through these steps! You probably won’t nail this style immediately, it will take some practice -- BUT I’m super confident if you practice these 5 steps, you’ll be able to nail it in time.

More than anything, I really hope you have fun playing these songs and don’t forget to grab the tab chart for this little progression.