Guitar & Djembe Jam

Guitar & Djembe Play-Along Together!

This little jam is something that my friend Jared Falk and I came up with pretty much on the spot. It is in the key of E minor and it was a blast to play. It was the last video of the day and I was just dead tired but playing with another musician, especially a drummer, really woke me up and turned in to a fun time.

One important thing that you can learn from this video is that jamming with other musicians of any kind can really be good for your playing. I would probably not have come with an idea anywhere close to this if without the killer groove that Jared was laying down. Playing with all types of other musicians can really stretch you as a guitar player and get your creative juices flowing.

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  • ustaknow says:

    Hey guys, … really great. Jared, … didn’t know you could drum w/o sticks? :)! Wow… some really, really nice hand technique mixed, djembe, bongo, and just you too :)

    Nate, — as always, most excellent … perfect accompaniment support for your drummer there :)!

    As much as you-all do… more of this, mixed in would be great. There’s a whole ‘nuther audience/market, “over 30″ w/money… if you hit that niche… they can play with their kids, who they buy your other packages for :)

    All the best.

  • vman says:

    may i get the ‘guitar mp3 or Tab??’
    i have djembe, and i want to play jam with guitar like this.

    • mat says:

      download it to youtube downloader, and convert it to mp3..but the tabs, we still dont have it..

  • Felicitas P. Calicdan says:

    mail Address (required)


    Alternate Tunings, Guitar Maintenance and Jams
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    Guitar & Djembe Jam
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    Alternate Guitar Tunings

  • Christian says:

    Sounded amazing. It was actually quite relaxing listening to it too

  • Nik says:

    Hi! Sounds great! Send me please tabs for guitar and djembe :)

    • Marius says:

      these are great tutorials. You might try emdnedibg magnets into extensions (wider than the bridge wings) of your cauls then you can keep them in place without making a special brace for each different guitar

  • Pete says:

    Hi Jared and Nate… very nice !…how do I get the tabs for this excellent piece ?

  • Paul says:

    The tab would be greatly appreciated.


  • mat says:

    hi nate can i get the guitar tab?ty :)

    • Kenna says:

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  • mat says:

    very nice job nate and jared..
    pls send me the guitar tabs for guitar and djembe jam, tyvm:)

  • ALi says:

    hallo soooooooo nice …………. plz i need Acoord becuse i can see good:((

  • Mariah says:

    This sounded really good! Two African instruments! I really want private lessons to learn how to do this. I want to learn exactly where to place my fingers on the guitar and tabs and chords too and what scale you need to know to solo on this. Hey, I even want to learn how to play that African drum too! Great job!

  • giroku says:

    very nice so melodic and relaxing nate, can u send me the tabs

  • Lance says:

    Sounds…meh…ok. Terrible djembe technique. That is NOT the correct way how to play the Djembe!

  • Derek says:

    Tabs please if possible

  • tikadaisuki says:

    is it possible to send me the guitar tab please…?

    • Nate Savage says:

      Hey tikadaisuki and Derek,

      There isn’t any tab for this little jam. It was just kind of improvised. :)


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