Next Steps for Blues Guitar - Blues Guitar Lessons

Next Steps for Blues Guitar

Blues Guitar Quick-Start Series - Lesson 12/12

Welcome to the twelfth video of the Blues Guitar Quick-Start Series. Congratulations on making it through these lessons. You’re probably wondering what comes next for you, as a lot of guitar players have trouble knowing what to work on next to become even better and bring themselves to the next level.

I always think that setting small, attainable goals is a big part in getting better on guitar. If you can clearly define something you want to get better at, you will have a much more productive practice time focusing on the little steps you’re taking to reach your goals.

If you really want to dig into the blues further, a good goal to set would be learning the rest of the blues scale shapes or learning a specific blues song. Learning different blues tunes will help build your vocabulary for your rhythm and lead blues guitar playing.

If you’re planning on pursuing the blues more, I recommend picking out two or three songs and learning them well. It might be hard at first to pick out the nuances of the song or challenging to read the TAB, but the more songs you learn, the easier it will get.

If you want to speed up your progress check out It’s my step-by-step video training course. Not only does it go deeper into the blues, but it also explores lots of other styles of music too.

The great thing about Guitareo is that along with teaching you these different styles, it teaches you how music actually works. Plus you get to apply everything to real music with jam tracks and play-alongs included.

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