Blues Guitar Quick-Start Series

About the Blues

About The Blues When you hear musicians talking about “the blues” they are referring to a style of music that is characterized by certain musical forms, progressions and sounds. But where did “the blues” really come from? Most people know that the blues, as we know them today, originated in the late 1800’s from African-Americans…   Read More » 

12 Bar Blues Progression

Learn How To Play The 12 Bar Blues Progression on Guitar! In this blues guitar lesson you are going to be learning the basic twelve bar blues progression. The twelve bar blues progression is simply a common chord progression that lasts for twelve measures. This progression is used quite often in all kinds of music….   Read More » 

12 Bar Blues Guitar Riff

Learn To Play The 12 Bar Blues Guitar Riff! In this lesson, we are going to learn a classic 12 bar blues riff that you will be using quite often in your guitar playing. Riffs like this pop up in blues, classic rock, hard rock, jazz and even metal. Odds are that you have already…   Read More » 

Blues Guitar Scale

Learn How To Play The Blues Guitar Scale! In this lesson we are going to be learning one of the most common shapes for the blues scale on guitar. We are also going to be learning about how the blues scale is made. If you are a beginner, the blues scale is something that you…   Read More » 

Dominant 7th Guitar Chords

Learn How To Play Dominant 7th Guitar Chords! This guitar lesson is going to be all about dominant 7th chords. We are going to cover how dominant 7th chords are made and give you a few practical chord shapes to learn. Dominant 7th chords have a really bluesy sound so once you learn these chords…   Read More » 

12 Bar Blues Guitar Riff II

Take Your 12 Bar Blues Riff To The Next Level! In this lesson we are going to dress up the basic 12 bar blues riff by adding in a few new notes. Simple ideas like the ones presented in this lesson can really help make your blues playing stand out from average run of the…   Read More » 

Using Blues Licks

Learn How Use Blues Licks In Your 12 Bar Blues Riffs! In this lesson we are going to be adding some licks to the riff that we learned in the 12 Bar Blues Riff II lesson. I am basically playing the exact same 12 bar blues riff with several blues licks thrown in to make…   Read More »