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Beginner Guitar Lessons

  • Beginner Guitar Quick-Start Series

  • Whether you are brand new to playing the guitar or just want to brush up on the basics this is the place to start. The lessons in this series apply to playing acoustic or electric guitar.

    1. Learn How To Play Guitar
    2. How To Hold The Guitar
    3. Fingers, Frets, And Strings
    4. The Parts Of The Guitar
    5. The Guitar String Names
    6. How To Tune Your Guitar
    7. How To Strum The Guitar
    8. Your First Guitar Chords
    9. Two More Guitar Chords
    10. Playing Your First Song
    11. Musical Strumming Tips
    12. Where To Go From Here

    Welcome to the Beginner Guitar Quick-Start Series. The lessons in this series were created specifically for students that are brand new to the guitar. You don’t need any previous knowledge to get started with this guitar tutorial. All of the basics are covered for both acoustic and electric guitars.

    It’s recommended that you start with the first video and go through each video in the order they are presented. The first video will help you learn how to play guitar by providing an overview of the series. From there you will learn how to hold the guitar, the numbering systems of the guitar, the parts of the guitar, the guitar string names, how to tune your guitar, how to strum the guitar, your first guitar chords, two more guitar chords, how to play your first song, musical strumming tips, and where to go from here.

    We also have a guitar blog and a few other guitar lessons for beginners that cover things like 8 chords you must know, 5 essential strumming patterns, 7 mistakes guitar players make, and how to play 10 songs with 4 chords. Unlike the lessons on this page they are individual lessons that are not part of a progressive series.

    If you already have some previous experience playing the guitar this tutorial may still be worthwhile. The lessons will give you an opportunity to review the basics before jumping into another series. If you feel you are ready to move on – check out our lessons on rhythm guitar, lead guitar, or blues guitar.

    If you’re interested in fast-tracking your progress check out The Academy. It’s Nate Savage’s complete set of step-by-step lessons. All the popular styles are covered including: rock, blues, country, fingerstyle, metal, classical, bluegrass, jazz, and more. Best of all, you get an opportunity to apply everything you learn along to music with the dozens of original jam-tracks that are included.