Playing Your First Song

If you have made it this far you have learned your G major, D major, C major and A minor 7 chords. You have also learned how to use your right hand to strum the guitar properly. Now it is time to put all of these things together to learn you first real chord progression.


One of the most difficult things for beginner guitar players to do is to change chords smoothly without stopping while they are strumming. Don’t get frustrated if you can’t play the entire chord progression all the way through without stopping. It takes some practice.

The chord progression that we will be using is G Major, D Major, A minor 7 and D Major. We are going to keep the strumming simple so that you can concentrate on changing chords smoothly. Strum the G major two times using downstrokes and move on to the D major. Strum the D major two times with two more downstrokes. Now change to an A minor 7 and play that two more times. Finish off the progression by playing a C Major chord two times.

Work on changing from chord to chord as smoothly as possible because you will be learning a more musical strumming pattern in the next lesson. If you have questions feel free to leave them here.

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