8 Tips To Make Your Band Not Hate You - Guitar Lesson

Make Your Band Not Hate You

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If you've ever been in a band before, there's no doubt you've experienced more than a few examples of bandmates getting on each others' nerves. Bands are like families, and like most families, there are a lot of little things you can do to make your family members start hating you. So in this guitar lesson, we'll be going over 8 tips to make your band NOT hate you.

Tip #1: Show Up With Your Parts Learned

Tip #2: Show Up On Time

Tip #3: Have A Good Attitude

Tip #4: Learn To Accept Criticism

Tip #5: Be Constructive With Your Criticism

Tip #6: Always Use Your Ears

Tip #7: Communicate With Your Bandmates

Tip #8: Set Expectations

These tips may seem obvious, but bands are renowned for being dysfunctional. Hopefully, implementing a few of these things will keep your bandmates away from each others' throats and more focused on the music you all make together.