How to sound REALLY good at guitar (even if you’re not)

How to sound good at guitar (even if you’re not)

Guitar Lessons For Beginners

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Learning to play the guitar can be a massive undertaking. And when you’re starting out, it might feel like sounding “good” is a lifetime away. In this video, we’re joined by Rudy Ayoub to get into a few things you can do to make people think you’re better at the guitar than you really are!

The first tip is to avoid playing in front of people whenever you can. If they don’t see you playing, you can tell them you’re great and you’ll never need to prove it! On a more serious note, focus on playing notes that sound good together. Things like minor thirds, major thirds, and fifths all tend to sound pleasing to the ear.

Another trick is to play basic chords by picking through them instead of strumming. Doing this with some delay and reverb almost always makes you sound like more of an expert. You can do this same thing with one basic arpeggio shape that you move around as well.

The last tip is to learn a few popular songs that people like to sing along to. This will take the focus off of your guitar playing and put it on the wanna-be vocalists.

Try using a few of these tips out for yourself and see how it works for you. You might be surprised just easy it is to impress your audience!