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How To Develop Your Vibrato Technique

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What is Vibrato?

Vibrato is a slight back and forth motion that makes a guitar note "wobble" a little bit. A good vibrato makes a note played on the guitar sound more like a human voice is singing it! 

At first, it can be a little difficult to get the finger and hand action right, but a great vibrato technique can make even the simplest note sequences sound incredible.

Musical Example:

For a sample of what this can sound like in a musical context check out literally anything by B.B. King. This example is from a live performance of him playing “The Thrill Is Gone”:

Featured Lesson:

To learn the basics of vibrato check out this lesson by Nate Savage from Guitareo:

Important takeaways from the lesson are:

  • The importance of developing your vibrato (0:10) 
  • How to do string-bending style vibrato (0:50)
  • How to do arm/hand movement style vibrato (1:22)
  • Elements of vibrato: speed (1:58)
  • Elements of vibrato: width (2:16)
  • Musical application of vibrato technique (3:05)

Steve Vai's Circular Technique

Steve Vai talks about the “soul of the note” being in the vibrato. He guides you through the philosophy of Vibrato, and shows off his technique in this video.

New School Learning From The Old School

Here is a great video on vibrato technique featuring Ayla Tesler-Mabe of Calpurnia and Ludic that she recorded while visiting Guitareo.

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