20 Things That Scare Every Guitarist

20 Things That Scare Every Guitarist

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We all have fears.

Some of us are frightened by things that are kind of ridiculous, like spiders and doing our taxes, while others are scared of pretty legitimate things like dying and speaking in public (the number one fear!)

As guitar players, there are certain things we’re afraid of that the average person doesn’t have to worry about. Things like breaking out of the pentatonic box, or actually playing your guitar in front of real people.

Pretty scary, right?

I asked a bunch of you what you’re MOST afraid of as guitar players, and thanks to your awesome responses, I boiled them down to a list of 20 things.

Here are the Top 5:

1. Not knowing what to play when someone asks you to play a song
2. Bodily harm caused by a string breaking
3. Breaking out of the pentatonic box
4. Guitar strap coming loose and breaking off your headstock
5. Dropping your pick into the soundhole of your acoustic guitar

You’ll have to watch the video to see all twenty!

Happy Halloween! Be safe and rock on.