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Beginner Lessons

Below you will find our library of guitar lessons for beginners. These lessons will help you get started with the basics, so you can establish a solid foundation for the future.

A great place to start is to watch Nate’s beginner guitar lesson where he teaches eight chords you must know as a guitarist. It’s a great starter video that also includes tips on how to play chords cleanly and how to transition between different chords. If you are just learning how to play guitar for the first time – check out our beginner guitar lessons.

Acoustic Vs. Electric Guitar

If you are a beginner guitarist, you might be wondering about how to choose between an electric guitar and an acoustic guitar. I worked in a very large music store for over 4½ years and I always saw people who couldn’t quite decide on which way to go. In this lesson I will give you […]

All About Guitar Strings

This lesson is designed to give you all of the basic information that you need to know about different types of acoustic and electric guitar strings.  We will talk about string gauges, types of acoustic strings, types of electric strings, coated vs. non-coated strings, nylon strings, flatwound vs. roundwound, what strings are made of, differences […]

Nate Savage’s Guitar Collection

I’ve probably owned about 35 guitars throughout my lifetime so far. In this clip I just wanted to share with you guys and let you know exactly which guitars I have been using in these videos. The acoustic that I use is an Alvarez Yairi GY-1. This guitar is a 1990 model and it’s hand […]

Finger Numbering On Guitar

In this lesson we are going to learn about the finger numbering system that we will be using in all of our lessons. These finger numbers refer to the fingers on your left hand. This may seem very simple, but if you are a beginner it is very important to use the correct fingering on […]

Holding An Acoustic Guitar

There are three basic ways that you can choose to hold your acoustic guitar. The casual method, the classical method, and standing are the options that you have when it comes to holding your guitar. Try experimenting with each way of holding your acoustic and then choose the method that feels the best for you. […]

Holding An Electric Guitar

In this lesson we are going to take a look at how to hold an electric guitar. The three basic options that you have to choose from when holding an electric guitar are the casual method, the classical method and standing up. We will cover each one of these methods and let you know about […]

How To Tune A Guitar

Tuning your guitar is a very important skill that every guitar player should have. If your are constantly out of tune you, and everyone that has to listen to you, will probably not enjoy playing your guitar as much as you could. Being in tune as much as possible is one of the greatest things […]

How To Tune A Guitar To Itself

In this guitar lesson we are going to learn how to tune the guitar if you don’t have a tuner, piano or any reference note available. There are several different ways to tune a guitar by ear but we have chosen to present this one because it will probably be the easiest for you. If […]

Left Hand Guitar Fundamentals

There are many things about your left hand that you should be aware of when you are playing guitar. Relaxing and finger placement are the two main things that we will focus on during this lesson. Many guitarists have their own idea of what proper technique is. The ideas in this lesson are not necessarily […]

Right Hand Guitar Fundamentals

In this lesson we are going to learn some of the fundamentals for good right hand technique. The techniques presented here for picking and strumming are more guidelines than rules. There are many incredible guitarists all over the world who use different techniques than the ones presented in this lesson. Just look at this lesson […]

How To Play Acoustic Guitar

Let’s learn how to play the acoustic guitar. In this lesson we are going to learn the G, C, and D guitar chords and then put a basic strumming pattern with them. I am going to assume that you have never even held a guitar before so lets start with the basics by learning how […]

How To Play Guitar

Before you begin this guitar lesson, you may want to go through the finger numbering, fretboard numbers, and string notes. This guitar lesson is designed to get you playing as quickly as possible. We are going to be using just one power chord shape with our left hand. You will see that you can play […]

Learn To Play Guitar

If you have never picked up the guitar, but you really want to learn how to play, this is the lesson for you. By learning just the two chord shapes in this lesson you will be able to play a ton of songs. The idea behind this lesson is not to play perfectly, but to […]

How To Write A Love Song

Welcome to the comedy relief portion of In this lesson we are going to take a look at how to write a love song. I’m not the greatest with words but I will give you a few writing tricks that I have come across throughout the years. Emotions are a great source of inspiration […]

How To Write A Song On Guitar

Let’s take a look at how to write a song. I am not a songwriter by any means but I can give you some tips on what chords you have to choose from when starting to write a song. If you know what chords are in a given key, it can narrow down your chord […]

Major Scale Masterclass

Learn how to play your favorite songs, write original music, and perform lead guitar solos by mastering the major scale. Enter your e-mail address below to get this free video series from Nate Savage.

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