How To Write A Love Song

Learn How Write A Love Song On The Guitar!

Welcome to the comedy relief portion of In this lesson we are going to take a look at how to write a love song. I’m not the greatest with words but I will give you a few writing tricks that I have come across throughout the years.

Emotions are a great source of inspiration whether they are sad or happy. They can give you some good motivation and material for writing songs. In the example in this lesson my girl broke up with me so I just wrote down everything I felt for two or three days. That’s where the lyrics in this song came from. Even thought they were a bit sappy they got the idea across.

Try to be aware of your day-to-day experiences and use them to come up with content for songs. The next time something good or bad happens to you just jot down how you feel and see what happens.

I got the music for this song going from kind of ripping off the feel from a random song that I had heard somewhere. I just used the basic feel of that song and changed the chords to a progression that I had come up with. The music doesn’t have to be complex especially if you want your audience to focus on the lyrics. Sometimes the best songs just have a few chords with some basic strumming.

Try to take some experience in your life and put it to music. You might be surprised with what you can come up with.

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  • Mike D. says:

    Dude, you did hot have to let us in on the pain.

    Thanks for showing how involved life and women can be.

    Sorry for the loss, but the song does have a nice sound.

    I could go further, but, I really don’t feel so good right now


    Thanks for all your free information. I really do want to let you

    know that this website really holds alot of details that others

    would not let you get for free.

    Thanks for sharing your life.

    Mike Daniels

  • rajan says:

    hi nate, my name is rajan, im from india! i ve been following your guideline from last one month. you are great with guitar and i mean it. i ve learnt a lot of things from you and i even gifted my childhood friend a guitar and recommended her to follow your website.
    about the song you just sang. it was heart touching dude. you made me remind my girlfriend. we went around for like 3 years but she dumped me because of another guy around 1 and half year back. i never got a chance to even ask her what was the reason.
    last week i ran into her and look at the funny side, she has a new guy in her life and im all single from right then but when i ran into her she was walking all alone and i still stood with my friends who loved me gave me all that i needed to come over her.
    i loved her like crazy and i was dumped the day i spoke to my parents about her.
    you rock buddy keep up the good job!!!!!!!

    • DeJaloveskritch says:

      I’ve been in your situation before….im still in love with the guy but nothing I can really do. depressing for me though :/

  • Rishav says:

    You should really edit it and be strong and sing it again perfectly! hope you’re back together as i type now!

  • GuitarDrum says:

    LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Yo Nate Idk if you were joking but the crying is EPIC LMAOOOOOOOOO I cant stop laughing!!!!!!!

    • Nate Savage says:

      Yeah, that’s my best acting to date :)

    • Usman says:

      Lolz rite bro!!!

    • carla says:

      hahahahahaha soz about ur pain an everything I am 14 I write love songs edit this ppl will just laugh I know ur pain (sorta) I sing my songs cos they have meaning to me an it makes me cry (I just dont put it on a video to show the world) but this really didnt help me but thanks anyway ur a sweetheart an that girl missed something big an u deserve better :) xxxx

  • Ormandy says:

    Dude I’ve been learning guitar from you from like a few months. Listen don’t let love get in your way. You are a very talented guy, if anything it’s her loss not yours-

  • Nitin says:

    hi Nate no luck with that grl.Never mind it was a cool song.If u publish it I guess u’ll have a place in the uk songs chart……….

  • Sheldon M. says:

    Dude, if that was your best acting to date you need to work on your crying a bit. I need to see more tears.

  • eshan says:

    hey nate you have whole world along with you……………………………your knowledge and talent is spreading far across countries……you are really a gifted one…….one can empathize with you……

  • Rusty Ramage says:

    not to down play the pain, but it would have been rad if you broke a guitar in spite of the pain. Could not know if this was a true story from your life, however, from the look on you face I do not think so. a broken guitar would go a long way in showing the other (electric) side of life.

    If i’m wrong sorry, if right then not.


  • rndm says:

    Hi Nate,

    If you are true in this video then we must admit that you are a sensitive and emotional person and you were able to mix your fine sense and emotions right in your song. If music is an art then only a musician can do it properly.

    Else if this is your ‘BEST ACTING TILL DATE’ then we must appreciate your business skill. You really know how to make some tears easily and use them in a professional way.

    Be you an emotional artist or a true business person, the video is superb.
    Waiting for your reply….

  • Rich says:

    LOL 1:52 was epic.. At first i though you were playing with the “strumming action” and then you face, haha. So funny
    And your voice at 2:25 :D

    But only one thing that you missed.. You had to broke the guitar when you started ‘cryin’ heh.

  • moahidasif says:

    hi nate, i git little bit confused when u speak some difficult terms like ‘keys’. When u speak these, plz explain them in your videos so i would not be confused in your further lectures. Thank you!

  • Ashish Dhamija says:

    Hello Nate .. I am sorry for You .. I felt bad too!
    Can you send me the lyrics and the song chords too ? Please !

  • Meeli says:

    Dnt waana sound harsh or ntn but… Lmao! Dat wuz prettty funneh :) Srry bout ur loss though bra =/ it all hapns 4 a reason though oki..

  • juan says:

    some girls dont love made up songs for them

  • Dan says:

    Dude! part of growing up and being young is to get dumped by girls and learn, maybe one day you will dump a girl for a change. The more practice the better you get with girls just like doing the guitar. One day, girls just drop in your arm without being asked. You can pick them up like flowers and have fun just like your guitar. Remember, the more girls is the better, practice and practice until the good one come along like you have found a perfect band. One or two guitar lessons is not enough to be in a band. One or two girlfriends is not enough to be a good boyfriend or husband.

  • Usman says:

    dude what an actor!!!
    Try your self at hollywood!!!
    really enjoyed that Guitar with emotion!!!

  • luvfreak says:

    Hey, Nate! I luv a boy who’s as cool as u..but he already got a girlfrnd. i started learning guitar basically tp plz him! Besides u r a cool actor. Need more tears though!!!!

  • John Michael says:

    Bro you’re too funny! AND INSANE!

  • Hemanth says:

    nate r cryin really or r u just actin? hmmmmmmmmm..

  • shack says:

    Nate, I just fell off my chair with laughing so much. Thanks dude

  • Joe Paine says:

    I’m still young, I don’t write love this has nothing to do with me!!:((

  • Joe says:

    crybaby nate

  • Joseph L/ says:

    That was the funniest thing I saw today Nate. Way to put some humor on the website.

  • yash says:

    hey dude its best ……. i kno to play guitar whn i was 8 years old but i dint learn fully …… i want to ….. i also know how to play piano and drums ……. but same here … can u help me????

  • Eric Cartman! says:

    hey look at urself!!! dude ur gunna be succesful in life, unlike her considering the fact that she brokee up with u! ur better than her and also a very talented songwriter! wellll good luck

  • Jasmine the sweetheart says:

    Every since seen you i been wright-ing love songs but im starting to get into rap songs. Message me i would love to chat with you and could maybe show you some of my songs

    well peace love ya

  • vignesh says:

    hii it looks so funny to me, i have just laughed after seeing this video but sorry for ur lose if it is true:) but true love will never fade out dear :)

  • Shae Marie says:


  • prantik says:

    is it was a acting??? omg!!!!!!!!

  • Dhruv says:

    hey Nate that was a really nice video …… i hope u rely cope up wid ur galfrnd.

  • Lucesam says:

    hey nate i realy feel bad for you, and i was wondering if you could send me the lyrics and the chords with the strumming pattern cause i realy want to learn this song. it is realy good. thanks and im sorry for your loss

  • terry says:

    Nate that’s a great act. I just don’t believe your heart is all that broke

  • jason hulsart says:

    heyyy……….I reallyneed help playing guliter.i really want to get better at it.

  • ahmad says:

    hi nate im ahmad i want to learn guiter and i like your website you are best

  • Kuttino Aldridge says:

    Imm only 16 and i started late but this site is really helpful. keep up the good work man. :)

  • keenan wood says:

    Nate, I don’t believe that you were acting. Music brings out what’s deep in our soul. I am sorry for your dilemma but appreciate the fact that you were willing to show that music really does affect people, even the player. Thanks for all the free stuff but I must admit, it was refreshing to see an uncensored cut of the power of music. Couldn’t find the chord charts on your site but the song was awesome. Like others said, she lost, not you. All things happen for a reason. Take care and God bless, Keenan

  • Andy says:

    Nate – your advice is absolutely brilliant. Exactly the same was happening to me (the breaking up thing, you know) so I made up this real cool song by ripping off the chords from Chasing Cars – it works SOOOOO well. So I took my guitar into Boots where she works and sang the song. Wow – was I good? So good, she came straight round that night begging and apologising. But, you know what? I told her where to stick it! I realised I love that song and I love my guitar much more than her. Rock on, doo doo doo, da da da, diddy, diddy….

  • ejs says:

    Nate, first, sorry that you had a rough go. For me, that was just painful. Maybe I could identify…been through a horrible time and trying to put myself back together. The guitar is part of my trying to heal. If it was acting then you’re way better than most Academy Award winners…but I got the sense that it wasn’t all an act. It put you back there.

  • Gabe says:

    Sorry ’bout your girlfriend, Nate. XD

  • Gabe says:

    Dude, I will probably someday feel for you. 0_0

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    I just like the valuable information you provide for your articles. I will bookmark your weblog and test once more right here regularly. I am quite certain I’ll learn many new stuff proper right here! Best of luck for the following!

  • Kurt says:

    Ok, in the video it says it has the sheet music, chords, and lyrics at this website. I have searched the website for two days (two hours each day) and have not found anything! If you have it can you email it to me?

  • steve says:

    thanks nate,and i know how you feel kinda went through the same thing my self one time,but hay you should just move on bro,and don’t worry you’l get another

  • Infinite says:

    it was cool man, your best guitarsit and best actor, anyway thank you for this lesson.

  • Katherine says:

    was he acting, or was he actually crying? IDK

  • Jack Daniles says:

    dudem dont cry for thw who;e wor;d to see people will cal you a cry baby and things this was informative and funny thanx nate

  • Jack Daniles says:

    nice dude your lessons are awesome but the crying waS A BIT MUCH BUT IVE FELT THAT PAIN BEFORE

  • Sahashranshu says:

    Well, a bit tough to say but that’s all right folk. Its just a part of life.

  • Sahashranshu says:

    But your style is just dude class cool…

  • Ric says:

    We’ve all been there at one time or another.
    It only hurts until you fall for someone else!
    Pretty ballsy to put that out there, Pard.

  • Mike says:

    Some good advice here on how to write love songs. Once you have found the subject of your song, here are a couple of tips to try if you are struggling to compose the music.

    1) Don’t give up on your ideas too soon

    A lot of songwriters chuck away their ideas far too easily, whether it is a melody or lyrics. Try to work with what you’ve got first and then move on if you are stuck.

    2) Write something every day

    Obviously you should have a rest day occasionally, but try to write something every day whether it is one line of lyrics, a chord progression, or a bassline. It will keep you motivated to finish your masterpiece!

    3) Listen to your music with fresh ears

    Have you ever noticed that something you write and record one day can sound worse the next morning? Your ears learn to accept what they are hearing over time, good or bad, as they get tired listening to the same passage of music, Take a break and then get back to it.


  • Erick says:

    Hey nate im Erick from mexico, i love all your lessons, thanks for everything, im 14 and i still alone :( but i would like to write a song like your´s but its harder in spanish because the letter doesn’t sounds as good as in english but thanks for your lessons and i’ll start to write to the moon. :P nice video.

  • Lucia says:

    ugh when he started crying i was trying to hug my computer screen

    • Lolipop says:

      If you say crying it sounds dramatic if you had said when he broke down i tried to hug the screen or something like that it would sound a bit more comforting

  • Angel says:

    Hi Nate:) sorry to hear your story:( its not too bad to experience pain inside,just part of growing.People think its just a funny scene but u cant lie your self:P is not good enough to show people that you are crying,they will think you are too weak about love:P use your bad experience as inspiration,i’m sure many girls admire you.Anyway you help me a lot,i’m 21 years old now and dream to play this song” think of Laura”i don’t have opportunity to learn how to play guitar before because its very expensive to buy a guitar but now i have it and i found your site its a step to reach my dream to play my favorite song.I believe its never been too late to learn and i have a determination to become good guitar player someday:) good luck!

  • Lolipop says:

    Poor you. Don’t worry. When she sees that video she will realise……

  • Lolipop says:

    Its good that you expressed yourself. and werent afraid to show how you felt to youtube. also i want to make a song like that but i dont and never had a girl friend (yet im only 17…which is old neough but….)
    so i dont have anything to write in the notebook….. HELP!

  • Lolipop says:

    guys you realise that nate (or an employee) is reading these comments and not replying to any of them cus we all think he was acting….. I DON’T

  • Lolipop says:

    oh nate actually says in a comment that he WAS faking……………..

  • Lolipop says:

    Cant wait to hear that song on my ringtone…..and everyone elses

  • Willow says:

    Your is not going to freakin work for me and by the way I am trying to write a song for a boy not a girl u idiot……

  • Maximum says:

    sorry dude… i know how u feel hope things get better though.

  • Jocelyn Peterson says:

    LOL it was funny

  • Adam says:

    Lol, this is funny. For all you boneheads that actually think he’s crying you’re stupid.

  • Rick says:

    Nate, I hope you weren’t serious in this clip, or this will seem insensitive. There isn’t much on TV that makes me laugh, but you cracked me up. Either way, good job, dude. You have a LOT of fans.

  • Neil says:

    Hi Nate,

    I’d like you to know I am a big fan of yours…It’s fun to learn from you as well as with your website… Yeah you have taught us a lot of things spacially this topic…And ooops..never mind if it did’nt worked out…She just don’t know how much you love her and hope one day she realize… Regards from Neil (Philippines)

  • amanda morran says:

    how to write a song

  • shrikanth says:

    i have wrote some lines
    and i also have chords could you please say about tune

  • flowers says:

    Hi Nate I am flowers and I am in love with this one girl so bad I just don’t know how to tell her I love her I am trying to write a song but I really don’t know how.
    cuz every time I start playing I just don’t know what to say

  • Jesus Estrada says:

    Thank You! Was Looking For A Website For Song Writing For Long Time Now!! ^_^ Ty. XD

  • Ricky023 says:

    Hey this was a great sound. The words must be hard but sorry for your loss.

  • Eva says:

    Come on! Just have put my make-up and now you make me cry! :) Sorry about your love, hope she came back to you! we have a folk music in Hungary which is saying something like that: the lover I had left me cos he/she wanted someone more beautiful but finally what he/she found was not even like me. lol

  • David Johnson says:

    Nate you are hilarious! Thanks for sharing.

  • youdass says:

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha man thats hilarious

  • Nate Savage says:

    Wow, judging by some of these comments… I’m a better actor than I thought! :D

  • vijetha says:

    Hi Nate,

    Thanks! You’ve got a great site. Did you get over her yet?

  • James says:

    Nate :
    epic man,,,cool beans,,,,
    read all the comments and what i got out of it is
    who is this lolipop and why is she messing with
    everyone’s comments ,,,,She says she is almost 18
    at the time the post was written,,,,I just want to
    say lolipop you are out of line,,,leave everyone
    and their comments alone ,,,they are true fellings
    and not meant to be pulled apart by you lolipop.

  • Chris Heanes says:

    I had an Idea I wanted to share with you. I just recently discovered your videos. Like real recent. a couple hours ago. You do a great job. I generally cant sit through a majority of the online lessons. This having been said. I had no idea how to take this video. Was that real or was he hamming it up for the cam? At this point I assume it was real, but why post it? Why not scratch it and start over? Was that part of the lesson? Near the end of the comments I seen you responded. (yes I read them all) Anyway, my idea was, make a part 2 to this video. Hear me out. I liked the way the song was coming together. You commented back in Dec. thats shes married and you have a great girl now. Finish the story and the lesson. Id still like to know how to write a love song. If not that original one then a new one, and why did you post that video? Im writing to you with all sincerety, Nate. I’ve watched atleast 20 of you vids tonight and even taken notes. Your the only instructor online that has kept my attention and taught me some of the theory I was seeking. Ive been playing by ear the last 20 yrs. or so in bars and stuff. Fakin it big time. I learned enough to get by. Now Im trying to learn some of the theory and Im glad I found your lessons. So regardless of what you do about, “how to write a love song prt.II.” Im your newest fan. Keep up the good work. Sincerely, Chris

    • Nate Savage says:

      Hey Chris, the girl and the story are real, but the video is a total act just to ham it up and be goofy. We had been shooting videos for several days straight and just wanted to do something funny. Probably the last time I’ll ever do something like that. I was sure it would be obvious that it was a joke but it seems that only about half of the viewers think it’s fake. :D Guess I’m a better actor than I thought.

  • rock says:

    plzz let me knw the chords u used in this video _/\_

  • Belle says:

    Hi Nate,

    Your video remind me about my break up.

    My ex boyfriend and I just broke up about five months ago. I want to sing and play guitar the song “I’m yours” to get him back ASAP. Any tips you like to share with me?


  • Logan says:

    Was the song that you “ripped off” from the radio Good Riddance by Green Day?!?

  • Logan H. says:

    you guys ot to admit you feel for him cause I do I wrote a song for my gf invited 50 people over to listen she didn’t show up so I cried through out each song I did


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