The Million Dollar Chord Progression

The Million Dollar Chord Progression

Guitar Lessons For Beginners

Learning to play your favorite songs can be tricky, and writing your own songs that actually sound GOOD can be even tougher.

But here's a little shortcut that will get you there quicker: the Million Dollar Chord Progression.

Once you understand it, you’ll be able to play along to some of the most popular songs of all time and really impress your friends and family. Songs like Let it Be, Don't Stop Believin', and With or Without You are just a few examples of popular songs that were built around this foundation.

It’s also the first thing I cover in my brand new course 500 Songs in 5 Days, where you’ll learn the skills and knowledge to PLAY 500 songs in 5 days.

So check out the video above as I give you a FREE sneak peek into this first lesson so you can start playing these songs right away -- because the best part about guitar is playing the songs you LOVE!

On top of that, you’ll have the key ingredients to start writing your own songs! It’s as easy as 1-2-3 -- or more like, 1-5-6-4 ;)

If you like this lesson and LOVE learning new, easy songs to play on guitar, check out how you can learn 500 songs in 5 days here:

And remember to grab the tab chart for these songs here.