White Christmas - Full Acoustic Guitar Lesson

It’s that time of year! With Christmas right around the corner, we’re going to take a look at a classic. White Christmas is a great song to learn on the acoustic guitar because it can be boiled down into just a few open chords. In this lesson, we’ll begin by learning a beginner version of the song before graduating into a more intermediate version with a few complex chord shapes.

Start off by pulling up the sheet music for whichever version you’d like to learn. If you’re new to the guitar, you’ll want to focus on the beginner version. There are a couple of chords in there that might prove challenging, but with the simple strumming pattern, this is a great opportunity to test yourself a bit.

For the intermediate and advanced players, you’ll want to skip to the intermediate part of the video. There, we’ll dive into some jazzy chords that really add spice to the basic structure of the song. Remember to take it slow and focus on mastering the new chord shapes first before trying to put it all together. Good luck and Merry Christmas!