Learn 12 Bar Blues (Blues Solo Guitar Lesson #1)

Learn 12 Bar Blues (Blues Solo Guitar Lesson #1)

Guitar Lessons For Beginners

I’m excited to share with you the first lesson in a series of Blues Solo videos I’ve put together for you. If you want to learn how to play a blues lead solo, you’re going to love this 5-part series.

By the end of the five lessons, you’ll be equipped with some awesome knowledge to nail a guitar solo over a 12 bar blues progression -- and make it sound good! I’ll even include a free jam track for you to solo over to your heart’s content (but you’ll have to wait ‘til the end of the series to get it).

Now, I don’t want to mislead you...

You likely won’t have the speed and technical prowess like the blues greats when you finish this series -- those chops take years of practice. But what you WILL have is the understanding and fundamental skills to get your blues guitar solos to that next level, without trying to “guess” how your blues heroes do it.

In Lesson #1, I’m going to go over the first and most ESSENTIAL element any aspiring blues guitar player should know: the 12 bar blues progression.

I’ll show you exactly what it is and how easy it is to learn (using the A Major Blues Scale to demonstrate). The most important thing you can do at this stage is to memorize the progression’s beat count so the chord changes become second nature.

(HINT: this will come in super handy once you start playing a solo over the progression).

The more you go through the 12 bar blues progression, the more natural it will feel, I promise. Remember to grab the sheet music and tab for this progression here: 12 Bar Blues Progression