Breaking the Blues Scale (Blues Solo Guitar Lesson #5)

Breaking the Blues Scale (Blues Solo Guitar Lesson #5)

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If you’re anything like me, you likely find yourself getting in ruts with your guitar solos and improvisation.

To try and break out of the blues scale and pentatonic boxes, I put together a quick 5-part series on how to solo over 12-bar blues, and throw in a few new ideas — like the Flavor Injector — that will help you branch out with your blues guitar solos.

These lessons are relatively simple, so even if you’ve never played a guitar solo before or you don’t know what the pentatonic scale is, this series will get you started on the right track. (I also have a Blues Guitar Quick-start Series free for you to check out here.)

If you missed the first four lessons, I recommend checking them out below...

Lesson #1 - 12 Bar Blues 

Lesson #2 - The KEY To Creating Great Blues Solos 

Lesson #3 - Major Pentatonic Scale: The Flavor Injector

Lesson #4 - One Quick Trick To Play Over Chord Changes

So how do you “break” the blues scale? You’re not actually “breaking” it, but by playing the root notes and the lowered thirds of the chord you’re playing over in the 12 bars, you’re playing notes that aren’t played in the blues scale.

If that doesn’t make a lot of sense, the video will explain it a lot better.

Just like with Lesson #4, this lesson really helps emphasize the chord changes and will give you another element in your blues solos that you KNOW will sound good.

Remember to grab the charts and jam track for this lesson here and here