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Guitar Styles

About the Blues

When you hear musicians talking about “the blues” they are referring to a style of music that is characterized by certain musical forms, progressions and sounds. But where did “the blues” really come from? Most people know that the blues, as we know them today, originated in the late 1800’s from African-Americans that lived in […]

12 Bar Blues Progression

In this blues guitar lesson you are going to be learning the basic twelve bar blues progression. The twelve bar blues progression is simply a common chord progression that lasts for twelve measures. This progression is used quite often in all kinds of music. It is great to know this progression because it is something […]

12 Bar Blues Guitar Riff

In this lesson, we are going to learn a classic 12 bar blues riff that you will be using quite often in your guitar playing. Riffs like this pop up in blues, classic rock, hard rock, jazz and even metal. Odds are that you have already heard something like this before because it is really […]

Blues Guitar Scale

In this lesson we are going to be learning one of the most common shapes for the blues scale on guitar. We are also going to be learning about how the blues scale is made. If you are a beginner, the blues scale is something that you should be really excited about learning. Playing with […]

Bluegrass Guitar Lessons

Bluegrass music is a really fun, acoustic based music that’s really easy to get in to and start playing right away. In this series of lessons we are going to be learning the fundamental chords and strumming patterns that you will need to know in order to start playing bluegrass. There are really only a […]

Basic Bluegrass Strumming

If you are a fan of bluegrass music then you will love this lesson because you will be learning THE basic bluegrass strumming pattern. I learned this pattern a long time ago when my dad taught it to me after he came back from a bluegrass jam session. You can find bluegrass jam sessions all […]

Intermediate Bluegrass Pattern

In this guitar lesson we are going to take your rhythm bluegrass guitar playing to the next level. If you have already been working on the lesson Basic Bluegrass Strumming Pattern that’s great. If you don’t know the strumming pattern in that lesson now would be a great time to go learn it. All we […]

Finger Picking Guitar Lessons

In this we will introduce you to some of the basic things that you need to know in order to start finger picking. We will cover how to use your fingernails or just the skin on your fingers to pick the notes, the two basic ways to hold your hand when finger picking and some […]

12 Bar Blues Guitar Riff II

In this lesson we are going to dress up the basic 12 bar blues riff by adding in a few new notes. Simple ideas like the ones presented in this lesson can really help make your blues playing stand out from average run of the mill blues riffs. If you haven’t learned the Standard 12 […]

Basic Finger Picking Exercise #1

In this guitar lesson you will be putting a simple finger picking pattern with some basic chords. The chords that you will be using are A, D, E and F# minor. If you don’t know these chords yet you should take some time to look at the chord diagrams that we have given you. Once […]

Basic Finger Picking Exercise #2

In this lesson you will be learning two different examples that use a new finger picking pattern. The first example uses only one chord and is pretty simple for your picking hand. The second example changes chords and gets a little bit more difficult for your picking hand. Let’s take a look at the finger […]

Jazz Guitar Lessons

In the Jazz section of the site you will be learning some of the fundamental elements of the style such as common 7th chords and common jazz chord progressions. There are other lessons on the site that you should really dive into in order to get a good foundation in place to start learning jazz. […]

Jazz 251 Chord Progression

This guitar lesson is all about the 251 chord progression. If you have ever listened to jazz you have definitely heard a 251 progression, jazz music is full of 251’s. To start out we will learn how to make a 251 in any key. To help reinforce this concept we will go through two keys […]

Jazz 36251 Chord Progression

In this jazz lesson we are going to add some chords to the 251 progression that you have learned. If you listen to jazz a lot you will definitely hear a common chord progression called a 36251. Just add a 3 and a 6 chord to the beginning of the 251, simple right! We are […]

Metal Guitar Lessons

Metal can be a pretty physical style of playing. There is usually a lot of fast picking and palm muting involved in most metal music. There are a couple of things that you will need to be aware of before diving in to the metal lessons. The first thing is that you should have a […]

Metal Guitar Riff

In this metal lesson we are going to be learning a simple riff that uses some pretty extreme tremolo picking. You can think about this riff as being in the key of E minor if you wish. You will find tremolo picking riffs like this on in a lot death metal, black metal and other […]

Metal Strumming Patterns

Hey metal heads! In this guitar lesson we will be learning a basic metal strumming pattern that involves a lot of palm muting and fast picking with your right hand and some basic power chords with your left hand. Learning how to play things like this is pretty critical if you want to really learn […]

Rock Guitar Lessons

In this series of lessons we are going to be taking a look at some of the more common elements of rock guitar playing. There are some stylistic things that you will be learning as well as some pretty cool rock guitar licks. Try to take the things that you learn in this series and […]

Rock Guitar Licks

For this lesson I wanted to give you a shape that is super easy to remember but still sounds really cool. The three-string pattern that we will be looking at in this lesson will give you the freedom to make up your own licks without having to think too much about shapes or scales. You […]

Contemporary Worship Guitar

In this series of lessons we are going to be taking a look as some of the common elements of contemporary worship music. To get you started we will take a look at some of the more common chord shapes and chord progressions that you will see over and over again in this style of […]

Worship Chord Progressions

If you listen to contemporary church music you will probably notice that there are certain chord progressions that are used quite often. In this lesson we will be taking a look at two of those progressions. The first progression is a 14541 progression in the key of G major. I will show you two different […]

Contemporary Chord Voicings

In this guitar lesson we are going to take a look at some of the more common chord voicings in contemporary praise music. First we will learn a simple chord shape that you can use in order to play a 1564 progression in the key of E major. The next few chords are just a […]

Major Scale Masterclass

Learn how to play your favorite songs, write original music, and perform lead guitar solos by mastering the major scale. Enter your e-mail address below to get this free video series from Nate Savage.

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