Music Theory Is NOT Scary! - Beginner Guitar Lesson

Music theory… A guitar player’s worst enemy! Unfortunately, many guitarists neglect ever learning music theory because of the convenience of Tabs and because learning theory just seems like too much work. The thing is, that knowing a few simple theory concepts can be massively beneficial for your guitar playing. This is especially true if you ever want to learn songs by ear or write your own songs.

So in this lesson, Nate is joined by Chelsea Amber to show us that music theory really isn’t that scary! The focus of this video will be on figuring out how chords fit into different keys. Knowing how to do this will allow you to understand why some chords sound good together and others don’t.

Make sure to download the PDF cheat sheet so that you can see a full breakdown of every key. Once you feel like you understand the concepts taught in this lesson, you can try applying the things you’ve learned to your own favorite songs to see if you can figure out the key of those songs as well.