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Guitar Theory, Ear Training, And Reading

Blank Guitar Sheets

Hey guys, On this page you will find sheets of blank TAB, standard notation, chord diagrams, and scale diagrams. These are great for keeping track of what you have been practicing or simply writing down your own new ideas. Just click the icon of the sheet that you want to dowload. Once you download the […]

Guitar Theory

Learning the theory of guitar is not always the most exciting or fun thing to learn, but it can be the most helpful. Once you learn and master all of the topics covered in the guitar theory section you will be leaps and bounds ahead of most other guitarists. Take some time and bowse through […]

Understanding The Major Scale

Understanding the major scale is very important for beginner guitarists because all of your scales arpeggios and chords are based on the major scale. In this lesson we are going to walk you through the formula for a major scale and give you a common scale shape that you can use to play it. Check […]

How Guitar Chords Are Made

In this guitar lesson I am going to show you how guitar chords in a given major key are made. Each note in every major scale has a chord associated with it. We will be in the key of G major for this lesson so we will be building a chord for every note in […]

Major Guitar Chords

In this guitar lesson we are going to learn how major chords are made. We will be in the key of G major for our example, so lets review the G major scale before we get started. The G major scale is spelled G, A, B, C, D, E and F#. There are two things […]

Minor Guitar Chords

In this guitar lesson we are going to learn how minor guitar chords are made. First we will need to review how a major chord, or triad, is made. Once we have the major chord built, all we have to do is change one note to turn it in to a minor chord. If you […]

Diatonic Guitar Thinking

In this guitar lesson we are going to go over diatonic thinking as it relates to the guitar. Diatonic thinking means thinking about all of the notes, chords, scales and arpeggios that occur naturally in a given key without any altered notes. To get this idea across, we will go through all of the chords […]

Relative Minors On Guitar

In this guitar lesson we are going to talk about relative minor keys on the guitar. First, we will define what a relative minor key is and then we will show you how you can use this information to enhance your guitar playing. For this lesson we will be in the key of D major. […]

Reading A Guitar Chord Chart

In this guitar lesson we are going to go over how to read a chord chart on the guitar. We are talking about the type of chord chart that you would find in a “Real Book” or when you show up to play a cover gig. If you have never seen a chart like this […]

How To Read Guitar Tabs

This guitar lesson is going to be all about tablature. Tablature or TAB is a system that graphically tells you where to put your fingers on the fretboard in order to play a specific song or musical idea. It is nice to be able to read tablature because it takes much less time and effort […]

How To Read Guitar Rhythms

In this lesson we are going to be learning about how to start reading guitar rhythms. This is a great place to start learning how to read music or chord charts. A solid understanding of how to read rhythms will make reading music on the guitar much easier for you. It is also easier to […]

How To Read Sheet Music

Being able to read music is a great skill that every guitar player should at least try to acquire. Reading on the guitar can be pretty difficult for some players. Many guitar players start trying to learn how to read only to get frustrated and quit. This lesson will cover the very basics of how […]

How Key Signatures Work

This guitar lesson will teach you how to find out the key signature of a given key and how to tell what the sharps or flats in that key are. It is probably best to just memorize your key signatures, but understanding this how key signatures work will go a long way in helping you […]

Ear Training On Guitar

In this short series of lessons you are going to start learning how to train your ears to recognize intervals and chords. Being able to do this is very important for you as a guitar player. Training your ear to recognize certain musical elements will allow you to more freely express yourself on the guitar […]

Finding Song Keys On Guitar

Being able to find out what key a song is in is a very good skill to have as a guitar player. There are a few things that you can work on to start being able to find out what key a song is in. Knowing what major scales sound like and being familiar with […]

How To Recognize Chords

In this guitar lesson we are going to learn how to start recognizing chord qualities. Recognizing chord qualities simply means being able to hear if a chord is a major or minor chord. This is a great skill for any guitarists to have especially if you want to figure out songs for yourself. The idea […]

Telling The Chords In A Key

In this guitar lesson we are going to go over how to tell which guitar chords are in a given key. This can be really handy if you want to start learning songs by ear or even writing your own songs. In order to do this you need to know your key signatures. If you […]

Intervals On Guitar

This guitar lesson is all about how to find intervals on the guitar fretboard. An interval is simply the distance between any two notes. If you would like to get more familiar with the idea and sound of intervals check out the ear training lesson How To Recognize Intervals. First we will give you some […]

How To Recognize Intervals

In this lesson we are gong to begin learning how to recognize different intervals by ear. An interval is simply the distance between two notes. Learning how to recognize intervals by ear is not only great for your guitar playing but for your overall musicianship as well. We will start off by learning how to […]

Major Scale Masterclass

Learn how to play your favorite songs, write original music, and perform lead guitar solos by mastering the major scale. Enter your e-mail address below to get this free video series from Nate Savage.

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