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How To Perform a Hammer-On

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What Are Hammer-Ons?

Hammer-ons are a super common guitar technique that adds additional flavor to your playing. It's often used alongside pull-offs as part of the legato technique.

Musical Example:

For a sample of what this can sound like in a musical context check out the intro to “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC:

Featured Lesson:

To learn the basics of hammer-ons check out this lesson by Nate Savage from Guitareo:

Important takeaways from the lesson are:

  • Playing a scale “legato” style (with hammer-ons and pull-offs) (0:30) 
  • The technique behind a hammer-on (0:50)
  • Make sure to land right behind the fret on a hammer-on (2:00)
  • Mixing hammer-ons with pull-offs exercise (3:30)

Acoustic Guitar Hammer-Ons

Tony Polecastro of Acoustic Life shows hammer-on technique with an acoustic guitar.

Heavy Hammer-Ons

Alex Skolnik of Testament showing his hammer-on and pull-off technique.

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