Learn A Shape For The B Major Guitar Chord!

b major chord shapeHere is the shape for the a B major guitar chord. This shape is very common but it is also very useful. This chord diagram uses one of the more common bar chord voicings. The lowest root note of this chord is the B on the 2nd fret of the 5th string. If you need help reading chord diagrams you can go directly to the how to read guitar chord diagrams guitar lesson.

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  • shack says:

    Is there a chord caled Dead Flat Major? I only ask because that’s what it always sounds like whenever I play any B chord except B7, which I now like a lot. As for Barre chords, no..I’m not gonna go there until I either crack it or go completely insane.

  • michael cardelli says:


    Georgia on my mind (bf7) How would you play it? I have looked everywhere.

    THank You

  • chaussure montante nike says:

    très bel article, vous remercie beaucoup

  • Greg says:

    Bill is right, You play only 1 time a week you will never improve your playing. I play 1 to 2 hours everyday, My friend has been playing 7 years and I,am as good if not better than him.

  • Guitarist322 says:

    I HATE B MAJOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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