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Best Combo Amps For Under $300

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Boss Katana 50
The Amazing All-rounder

The Boss Katana has taken the guitar world by storm. It includes 61 built-in Boss effects, 5 different channels (Clean, Crunch, Lead, Brown, and Acoustic), a USB port so you can record the sound directly into your computer, and an amp wattage control so you can keep volumes low while practicing, and make it very loud when playing live.

  • Built in FX
  • Great Sound
  • Switchable Wattages

No built-in FX loop, but it does have the ability to add an optional footswitch for channel selection or effect controls. 

Rabea Massaad demos the Boss Katana 50:

Boss Katana 50-watt 1x12" Combo Amp
Sweetwater | Thomann | Amazon

Orange Crush 35RT
Straight-forward Powerhouse

This is a great little amp that is straightforward to use. No built-in effects or any tricks - just a no-frills good sounding amplifier. 

  • Good Sound
  • Simple To Use
  • Built-in Tuner

One nice inclusion is the built-in tuner so you don’t have to worry about where you left yours. It also Includes an FX loop which is a nice feature for an amp in this price range.

Sweetwater Demo of the Orange Crush 35RT:

Orange Crush 35-watt 1x10" Combo Amp
Sweetwater | Thomann | Amazon

Blackstar ID:Core 40
The Portable Practice Amp

A small and portable practice amp that still delivers a good sound. Includes 12 effects, and 6 channels (Clean Bright, Clean Warm, Crunch, Super Crunch, OD1, and OD2). It also includes the recording from USB functionality found on the Boss Katana. This all adds up to the Blackstar ID:Core being a very versatile practice amp at a great price.

  • Built in FX
  • Very Portable
  • Good Sound

While the other two amps get loud enough to be heard in band practice and live event situation, this amp might not have enough power to allow you to be heard clearly if you're playing with a drummer. However, at just 14lb at least you will have an easy time transporting it around.

This amplifier also has a simple built-in tuner!

Rob Chapman demos the Blackstar ID:Core 20:

Blackstar ID:CORE 40 V2 Stereo Combo Amp
Sweetwater | Thomann | Amazon