The 5 Pillars Of The Acoustic Guitar

The 5 Pillars Of The Acoustic Guitar

Guitar Lessons For Beginners

There are five main areas that I see many new acoustic guitar players struggle with. These areas are so important to finding success on the guitar, that I like to think of them as pillars. If even one foundational pillar is missing, you’ll have a hard time making any real progress on your guitar.

Pillar #1 - Strumming

Learning to strum is the first step on your journey to playing music on the guitar. This is one of the key foundational techniques you’ll use for the rest of your guitar career.

Pillar #2 - Clean Chords

As one of the basic building blocks of playing the guitar, your guitar chords need to sound clean and clear so all the notes come through.

Pillar #3 - Changing Chords

Changing chords is the number one problem new guitar players have. You need to get your chord changes smooth if you want to play real music.

Pillar #4 - Music Theory

Music theory can be an intimidating topic for many guitar players. But there are just a few simple concepts that you can learn that will have a massive impact on your playing.

Pillar #5 - Playing Songs

The whole purpose of playing guitar in the first place is to actually play music. By combining our knowledge of the first four pillars we can learn our first song!