Bluegrass Guitar Lessons

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Bluegrass music is a really fun, acoustic based music that’s really easy to get in to and start playing right away. In this series of lessons we are going to be learning the fundamental chords and strumming patterns that you will need to know in order to start playing bluegrass.

There are really only a few basic chord shapes that you need to have down in order to play most bluegrass songs. If you know your open G, C, D and E minor chords you will in pretty good shape to start playing some bluegrass. One thing that you will need to have and know how to use is a capo. A capo is a device that kind of makes your bar for you and allows you to use open chords to play in other keys. Bluegrass music tends to stick with the sound that you get with certain open chord shapes like G, C and D. Using a capo allows you to use these shapes while playing in different keys.

Bluegrass is a very social kind of music, there are always jams or festivals going on somewhere that you can just show up to, meet some new friends and start playing. If you like the bluegrass sound you might want to check out some Earl Scruggs for a more traditional flare or Ricky Skaggs for a more modern take.