The Ultimate Bar Chord Alternative

Guitar Lessons For Beginners

Bar chords are one of those topics that scare a lot of guitar players. That reason is because they are really hard. They take an immense amount of strength and dexterity to pull off cleanly, and you have to learn them pretty early on in your playing career if you want to take the guitar seriously.

Well, have no fear! In this lesson, Andrew Clarke is here to show us a useful alternative to bar chords that’ll totally change the way you look at the fretboard. The primary concept you’ll be working on is how to use your thumb. You may not be used to using it to fret notes on the low E string, so spend some time nailing down the technique before jumping into full chords.

Remember, if your thumb starts to hurt, take a break. You’re likely using some new muscles, and developing the strength to play this new shape might take a few days. Add this new technique to your daily practice time and employ the tips from the video - if all goes well, you’ll find yourself using this new shape all the time in your playing!