The Hard Truth About Guitar Tabs

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The Hard Truth About Guitar Tabs

Guitar Lessons For Beginners

Guitar Tabs are one of the huge advantages guitar players have over other musicians. Tabs are an “easy to grasp” way to learn a new song or lick. And you don’t need to learn to read sheet music which can feel like you’re learning a whole new language. It might seem like it’s all positives, but there are some big drawbacks with Tabs that we’ll talk about in this lesson.

To illustrate this problem, we’ve asked five different guitarists to interpret the same piece of Tab. Think they’ll play it the same? Watch the video to see what happens.

The important thing to take away from this experiment is the importance of knowing how to learn by ear. So Nate Savage will give you a few useful exercises you can add to your practice time to develop your ear and become a more well-rounded guitar player. Who knows, maybe you’ll stop using Tabs altogether and rely solely on your ear like many of the pros!