"Blackbird" - The Beatles Guitar Lesson

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"Blackbird" - The Beatles Guitar Lesson

Guitar Lessons For Beginners

“Blackbird” by The Beatles is one of the best-known examples of fingerstyle guitar playing. But while it sounds relatively simple, it’s deceptively challenging. To successfully play this tune, you’ll need some well-developed fingerpicking chops as well as solid chording technique.

Paul McCartney was the guitar player in this iconic part, and he used a slightly unorthodox technique where he would flick the strings with his index finger. It might take some time to nail down this new way of playing fingerstyle guitar, but it’s important to properly execute the right-hand pattern in this song.

“Blackbird” is a good example of a tune that might take a while to learn all the way through. Take your time, and if you run into problems, be sure to slow down and take it section by section.