6 Lead Guitar Tricks That Make You Sound Unique

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6 Lead Guitar Tricks That Make You Sound Unique

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As a lead guitarist, it’s your job to create your own unique voice on the guitar. That means you need to incorporate little things that make you sound like you. For some people, that individuality comes from note-choice, and for others, it comes from different interesting techniques that give them their own style.

In this lesson, Andrew Clarke is here to show you six tricks you can add to your guitar solos to make them sound more interesting and unique. The techniques you’ll learn from this video are Raking, Muted Strums, Pops, Slurs, Single-String Slides, and Single-Note Thickening.

Each of these tricks will help separate you from other players out there. Incorporate one or two of them into your playing and come up with your own ways to stand out from the crowd of other guitarists.