5 Reasons Everyone Quits Guitar


5 Reasons Everyone Quits Guitar

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I want to talk to you about the five biggest reasons that I see people quit playing guitar. The reason I want to share these with you is if you are starting to play the guitar or if you are thinking about starting or have always wanted to play the guitar… you can be aware of them and avoid these and be success full right away. That’s important to me because I know how much the guitar has added to the quality of my life and I want you to experience that. As we go through these I’ll give you some big tips to help you out with each one along the way.

The five reasons are: trouble making clean chords, trouble changing chords smoothly, you can't figure out strumming patterns, you don't know what to practice, and you're not applying everything to music.

Which one of these reasons is toughest for you? There are lots of great solutions out there for guitarists to solve these problems. Be sure to check out more of our lessons if you need help with a specific area!