5 Foo Fighters Riffs That Bring Out The Best Of You

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5 Foo Fighters Riffs That Bring Out The Best Of You

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If you’re putting together a list of the best rock bands of the last 30 years, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better list-topper than the Foo Fighters. Since the 90s, the Foo Fighters have been creating some of the best rock music the industry has to offer. So in this lesson, we’ll be going over the five essential Foo Fighters riffs every rock guitar player needs to know!

The riffs you’ll learn in this lesson are from “Rope”, “Learn To Fly”, “Times Like These”, “My Hero”, and “Everlong”. And while there are many other excellent Foo Fighters riffs worth learning, we decided to just limit it to our top five.

As you go through this video, be sure to download the tabs and follow along. Pick one or two that you enjoy the most and add them to your daily guitar practice time. Once you’ve mastered those, move onto the rest! If you enjoyed this lesson, be sure to try learning some other great Foo Fighters songs!