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Best Electric Guitars For Under $300

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Squier Standard Stratocaster
Three Single Coils of Sweetness

An official take on the classic Stratocaster design. They tend to play pretty well, and the slight price increase over the Affinity & Bullet series is made up for by the better hardware. The 3 single coil pickups are wired to a 5-way switch that gives you a diverse palette of tonal options.

You will notice a lot of Squiers in our budget recommendations - and that’s because in our experience, they have some of the best quality control among the lower priced guitars. You can also get this series of guitars with a humbucker in the bridge position.

Darrell Braun provides a great review and comparison between the Squier Standard and Deluxe models here:

Steve from Boston breaks down the differences between the different Squier models if you want to take a deeper dive:

Antique Burst Standard Stratocaster
Sweetwater | Thomann

Yamaha Pacifica 112J
All-Round Player 

A great feeling, sturdy, and reliable guitar. The fingerboard is flatter than that on the Squier, and the oiled neck feels wonderful to play. A more modern take on the classic Stratocaster guitar. Yamaha is also known for having great quality control. 

Mike Bradley takes his Yamaha Pacifica 112 for a spin:

Having trouble deciding between a Squier Strat and a Yamaha Pacifica? Check out this detailed comparison between a Squier Affinity Stratocaster and a Yamaha Pacifica 112J from Darrell Braun:

Old Violin Sunburst HSS Pacifica
Sweetwater | Thomann

Squier Affinity Jazzmaster
Double Humbucker Rock Machine

If you want two humbuckers, and you don’t have a lot of money, the Squier Jazzmaster is probably your best bet. This is a simple guitar with a 3-way switch, one knob each for volume and tone, and a stable hard-tail bridge. A great guitar for a player who wants something simple and easy to operate.

Lee Wrathe shows you what the Squier Jazzmaster is capable of here:

Black Affinity Jazzmaster
Sweetwater | Thomann