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Welcome to the beginner guitar lessons section of Learning how to play the guitar can be frustrating, but we are here to make it easier on you with these free video guitar lessons.

This section will cover the most basic guitar topics to help you get a solid foundation in learning how to play the guitar. Take your time on each beginner lesson and make sure you fully understand and can use what you have learned before you move on to the next lesson. Congratulations on making the decision to learn how to play the guitar, we look forward to being a part of your learning process! Here are your lessons! Once you are finished you can browse our intermediate guitar lessons

If you are a complete beginner guitar player you should go through the Beginner Guitar Quick-Start Series below. This video series will teach you the important fundamentals of the guitar and get you playing today. You can also check out this guitar lesson for beginners to learn how to play 10 songs using four simple chords.