G and D Major Guitar Chords

Learn Your Open G and D Major Guitar Chords!

g and d chordsIf you are a complete beginner this will be an exciting lesson for you because you are going to learn two of the chords that you will need to know in order to play “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door”. Those two chords are G major and D major. Both of these chords are “open” chords. Open chords simply refer to chords that are played mostly on the first three frets of the guitar and have at least one open string ringing out when the chord is strummed.

Go through both the G and D chords slowly and memorize the shape as best as you can. It may take a while for your hands to remember the chord shapes but if you practice regularly you will eventually have them down cold. Your fingers might not have enough strength to make great sounding chords right away but practice and repetition will pay off in the end. Your fingers will probably get pretty sore after a few days of playing but if you are faithful to your practice the pain will eventually go away.

Make sure to remember everything you have learned in the right and left hand guitar technique lessons. To the right are the diagrams for the G major and D major chords. If you don’t know how to read chord diagrams yet you can take this lesson on how to read chord diagrams

Remember to curve your fingers around and come down on the very tips of them. If you don’t come down on the very tips of your fingers they might mute the neighboring strings and make your chords sound buzzy and ugly. Try your best to make these guitar chords as clean and smooth sounding as possible. Good luck and get ready to learn an A minor 7th and a C major in the next beginner guitar lesson!

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  • Daniel says:

    Hi, your website it great!!! perfect site! =]
    I have a question… I just bought my first acoustic guitar YAMAHA F310.
    I tryed to do G Major, easy… but! the D Major I CAN’T DO IT! I tryed for over a hour, and I can’t make it… only if I change the first finger with the second one… then I it easy. Will it effect on me on the future?


    • Troy says:

      Hey, I’m not actually from the site, but from experience I can tell you that you can play your chords however you feel is comfortable. There are many famous guitar players that don’t use the “proper” technique. If all else fails, keep practicing. =)

    • Mark D says:

      Daniel im also in the same position as you, I’ve bought the Yamaha F310 and was struggling with the same chord. I stuck at it and i’m nearly there but never thought about doing it your way and do find it easier. I was just wondering (Being a total newbie) if I play it your way if it will make other chords difficult to get or make the diagrams harder to follow later on.

      Fantastic guitar choice by the way, i’m loving mine.

    • Torrin says:

      The D Maj is a hard one for beginners, it took me six months to train my fingers to switch to the proper shape. The trick I used till then might work for you. Bar the first 3 strings (eg. e, B & G) on the second fret with your index finger then play the third fret on B with your middle finger. Once that becomes comfortable learn to change to the proper D after the first strum. This will build muscle memory and soon you’ll be able to play the standard fingering. P.S. it will also help you pick up barre chords later.

    • Alina says:

      I also have YAMAHA F310 but it works for me.. I tried your way and it does seem easier. My fingers keep on falling on the other strings but your way it sounds perfect!! Yeah I know YAMAHA F310 is awesome!
      oh and Thanks!

    • prantik says:

      jst luving this lessons……….

    • Carl says:

      Important! The fingering for that D is incorrect. It should be 1-2-3 instead of 1-3-2. that simple adjustment should make things a lot more sensible for you. This was a glaring misprint!!

    • Carl says:

      Incorrect fingering on the drawing. Should be 1-2-3 instead of 1-3-2.
      Who’s monitoring this bulletin board, anyway?

    • saira says:

      hi . will u plz tell me that which is the best gitar

    • Josh says:

      Daniel, I believe I understand why you are having a hard time with the D major chord. If you switch where the 2nd and 3rd fingers are, then it will be extremely easier to play.

    • James Waterhouse says:

      Even though im only 10 years old im a pro and theese were alot easier than my beginner lessons !!!!!!!!!!

    • James Waterhouse says:

      It Wont affect you at all, just use whats best!!

      By james Waterhouse,10

    • yavnica says:

      i get that difficult 2!!! i had the same question n i tried to exchange my fingers n i am also worried the same way.

    • Emily says:

      Had the same problem is just kept practicing and practicing and after two months it’s getting better and better

    • dan oneil says:

      I can tell you from years and years of experience that it will help you in the future to finger these chords the way there meant to be fingered. sure some guitarists play them differently but i can assure you they do it that way after years of training there fingers the right way first and have from there developed there own styles . it will only make things worse down the road if you dont have a knowledge and the skill to play them properly first then you can make your own finger patterns based on those not on whats easiest at the beginning… spike,,,,,,,, keep practicing you will get it.

    • Alex says:

      I think it wont as long as your comfortable with it , but its best to follow the normal way :)

    • Kriz says:

      I can’t play the D major too

    • Mack says:

      Hi, I’m a noob so take this for what it’s worth but I have a guitar book…FastTrack Music instruction Guitar 1…(Blake Neely and jeff Schroedl 1997) and they use 3/2/4 for the fingering of the G Major Chord. That is 3rd finger on E 3rd fret/2nd finger on A 2nd fret/forth finger on E 3rd fret. Still hard to play but if other teachers teach it a different way then it makes no difference how you learn that chord.

    • Jeff Reed says:

      I think you can develop the D chord basic fingering easier if you concentrate on putting your first finger down first. The sequence would be first finger, second finger on first string second fret followed by the third finger on the second string.
      Through the years I have learned to finger this odd chord by using my second finger, third and little fingers to make it. I know it’s odd but it is easier for me due to hand position. It is also 3/4 of another chord fingering I use when playing jazz so it isn’t always a “D” that I see when making the basic D shape.

    • sam says:

      it will Dannie, try and play it as you were taught. you know in guitar, new lessons are not easy to know but with time and focus you can.

    • Ron says:

      It may sounds odd for Daniel but I have sanme guitar as yours Yamaha F310 the very first chord I learnt was D Major and easiest one for me.

    • Kevin says:

      I just got a guitar for christmas and so did my 3 year old. Figured I would try to pick up something before she is even remotely ready. I have been using your videos and all of a sudden tonight the video’s wont work. What’s up? Even considering buying the beginner system…

    • Charles says:

      Well 3 years ago I took guitar lessons, but I didn’t like it so I stopped for 3 years, then my family started going camping a lot, so now I just wanted to learn how to play guitar for when we go camping, then I found this website which is just plain EPIC! But here is a tip to get your chords right, CUT your nails as short as possible, then when you put your fingers on the strings don’t touch the other strings. For example: if you are holding down the A string try to make sure your finger isn’t touching the G or D strings. okay now for Tip Number 2. Push the string down HARD! If you just put your finger on top of the string softly it will make that dull noise your don’t want, yes your fingers will hurt if push down on it hard, but later on your fingers will toughen up then it wont hurt any more. Well I hope this helped! Good Luck!

    • jyothi says:

      gud jod :=)

    • Chloe says:

      I so agree with u, but trust me, it will not effect u in the future.


  • Nate Savage says:

    I have a couple of friends that play an open D major chord that way and it doesn’t seem to effect their playing at all :)

    • James Waterhouse says:

      i am only ten yrs old and my guitar teacher says im a pro. i can do all the chords perfectly but i just cant remember them, is there anything i can do ?

  • Daniel says:

    Cool thanks! :)

  • chidindu says:

    Great site. Congratulations.
    please can you recommend a book for a beginner who wants to be fluent in playing lead guitar. Needs something on paper.

  • girish k says:

    your site’s great nate for people to learn at home who cant get time to go to classes. just started with beginner series, hope to play good after sum time:-)

  • noelly94 says:

    i use fingers 2,3,4 for F chord cause it easier to go to C chord

  • tom berry says:

    Hey Nate, my name is Tom Berry and I really enjoy your website. I have one problem.D I am in a wheelchair. I am paralyzed from the waist down and it is really hard for me to have the correct posture. My legs are a little to high and my body is a little to low. I have to lean my guitar back toward me and it is really hard to get my left hand right. Do you have any suggestions. Thanks. Tom


    • Nate Savage says:

      Hey Tom,

      Have you tried using a strap while you are sitting down? That might help a little. You could try to set the strap really high.

    • William says:

      Hey Tom,

      It may work or not but what if you hold the guitar more like a classical guitar player. more of an upright angle. It may help a bit.

      I am just a beginner here but just a thought.

    • Nihal Pradeep says:

      respect for u mate … :D .. and take nate’s advice… i’ve been to a couple of teachers and yet he has proven to be the best of em all .. :D

  • naddy says:

    thanx a lot sir…. can you please send me all the chords name and their representation on the frets please.. i will be very thankful….

  • starfish7 says:

    Thanks that seems to really work! But, i have a short middle finger on my left hand :( how can i help when it wont reach to the 6th string on my guitar!

  • ranin says:

    Thanks!! Great lessons

  • akshi says:

    last time i tried bt couldnt get the D chord.. did it finally! :)thnx nate, the site is really gud! :)

  • Shirley says:

    I can’t seem to get the D chord. I don’t know why though. Help? :(

  • kriti says:

    These lessons are of great help for the beginners.
    Thanks for making such lessons. :)

    Sir, i have a question regarding the chord diagram that is shown with the text below the video. What does the filled zero or the darkened circle in the chord diagram represent?

    • Nate Savage says:

      The filled in notes represent the root of the chord. For example, if you are playing a D major chord the filled in circles would be D notes. Hope that helps.

    • Kallyn Marie says:

      okay so i have a electric guitar . but im not really sue if these would be the same notes .

    • Nate Savage says:

      Hey Kallyn,

      Yes, the notes on the electric and acoustic guitars are generally the same. That is… if you are using standard tuning, which you most likely are. :)

  • Jamie says:

    thanks for the help i really needed it!!!

  • Jamie says:

    It’s quite easy to learn on this site thx a lot!!! :D

  • Jyotiraditya Singh says:

    THis Website IS gr8 DO u hv a Account IN FACEBOOK.??

    • Aslan says:

      As it is so elemental most gutiar players know it, and so it is commonly used as the foundation for jam sessions. When you have learned the blues gutiar scale in one fretboard pattern, you’ll be wanting to start using it to form blues solos. Use this to practice playing phrases made from notes in the blues scale.

  • melody says:

    i need help… I noticed that in the video yourchords end in a high note but my chords are too low! Help? Thnx

  • Nick says:

    This is very helpful! Thank you!! :)

  • Melanie says:

    this really helped thanx

  • malachai says:

    thanks this helped me alot!! :)

  • Sarah says:

    Is at all possible that my fingers are to long to play comfortably??

  • wajira says:

    Great work for beginners wow…………… what a site great great….

  • mohnish says:

    I really very thankful for side creator with the help of it impress my girlfriend also

  • Stiletto says:

    Any tips for proper hand position to get into the G chord quickly? I have to put my 3rd finger down first. If I put my 1st and 2nd fingers down first, I can’t get the 3rd finger down. I’ve been cheating by playing the bottom strings until I get my 1st and 2nd finger into position.

  • atanu says:

    hey plz send me sm chords which r easy 2 play nd usd frequently m a bgnr.

  • Dennis Allen says:

    I sent this site to my daughter.Great for beginners.Thank you very much.I’ve been gig’n for 45yrs.My daughter lives in AK & I live in KY.I will recommend you to all beginners.Again thanks and great job.

  • SomeOne says:

    Thanks a lot but I was hoping that if you could give us an introduction about the Majors and Minors and how many chords are there. You know just a quick intro.
    Thanks a lot though, this is truly the best site ever and you’re a great teacher :)

  • Timothy K says:

    Hey, I was wondering,does all these videos also apply to electric guitars or are they only for acoustic?

  • Aduragbemi says:

    I have always been in a WOW state after I come by guitarlesson.com
    Keep it up

  • Ted says:

    Nate, two questons:
    1)in the above lesson, the G chord shows two different finger patterns. I’m guessing you’re saying use which on is easier?
    2)naming of the chords, is their a rhyme of reason? IE the G chord is named he G chord because….. thus you know the chord because….

    53 years old, got a guitar in July for my birthday. No excuses this time. Just do it. Thanks for the help.

  • Merlin says:

    Hey Nate, i have a question: when i’m strumming the D Major Chord, then sometimes i accidently strum the 5th string. This keeps happening all the time, how should i fix it?

  • Nick says:

    Hey I have a fender squirt stratocasterand im having a lot of trouble changing quick enough between cords. I have tried for hours and barely gotten better, any tips?

  • ziam says:

    hey could some one tell the right order in which to watch all the videos or does it not matter? i just want to be sure

  • mishkat says:

    The G Major is so hard…. I started with D Major and A Major.. My fourth finger can’t press the lowest string most of the time :(

    • Camy says:

      weird.. the G Major was easier for me.

    • Felicitas P. Calicdan says:

      MISHKAT i am not Nate Savage but i can help you do your G string Ok your problem is you cant put your fourth Finger on the high E string i Want you to do do some excercises to your fingers so that your fingers will get stronger go TO Learnandmasterguitar.com or download the app if you Have an iPhone or iPod or iPad Teacher Steve Krenz will give you excercises for your finger and he teaches you how to properly do The G and D major guitar chords

    • Jenny says:

      My guitar is a Schecter C1 Classic. It’s a neck-thru body deisgn and has a 25.5 scale. I’ve used 7 string guitar string sets in the past, but I’d rather do it the right way in case what I’ve been doing is incorrect. I’m having it set-up professionally because it hasn’t been done in a while.

  • Felicitas P. Calicdan says:

    Nate do You Still work at A Music store?

  • Dave S says:

    I am rediscovering the guitar after about 40yrs and I love it. I am doing well with scales but am having some trouble with the finger positions for chords, I can do the G major fairly well but some of the closer together ones like D and C are giving me problems. I know I will get there eventually but it sure gets frustrating!

    • Robbie says:

      Great goods from you, man. I have understand your stuff puveiors to and you are just extremely great. I really like what you have acquired here, really like what you are saying and the way in which you say it. You make it entertaining and you still take care of to keep it wise. I can’t wait to read far more from you. This is really a wonderful web site.

  • Felicitas P. Calicdan says:

    Nate how much is your Alvarez Yairi G-Y1 I know it’s like the model is 1990 or1991

  • Anthony says:

    do you have ant tips that will help me switch cords easyer

  • Randy Johnson says:

    Got a guitar for my birthday a couple weeks ago. Thanks for the free lessons. My fingers are too fat but its coming along. For those of you who like the Grateful Dead, Ripple uses the four chords in this section,
    G,D,C and Am7. Slow easy song to play along with.
    Best Wishes
    Randy J.

  • rashmi sujith says:

    hi nate,
    u r a wonderful teacher..this is an awsome site for guitar lovers i shud say. m practisng ur beginners course..n its so so helpful..with ur tiny tidbit corrections for all the mistakes we tend to make. thnx a lot. god bless u!!!

  • ryunee says:

    my strings get muted cause I’m not pressing hard enough

  • JAKE BAILEY says:

    thanks for taking the time and effort to teach people ive learned a lot

  • pradeep says:

    really this is an awsom site

  • Brian says:

    First of all, thanks for putting this website together. It’s been a huge help for a true beginner such as myself.

    The guitar that I have seems to have a very high (tall) nut and bridge, causing the strings to sit fairly high above the fretboard, and giving me extra trouble getting the chords down. Is there anything that can be done about this (i.e. can these pieces be replaced)? Thanks for the help!

  • Bill says:

    As i the only one who noticed he only wears the same black shirt?

  • Bryan says:

    I’m having problems with my number 2 finger muting the string beneath it when I’m trying to play a chord. I can’t figure out how to get it from doing that. I’ve changed the position and posture of my hand multiple times. Any ideas?

  • billie joe says:

    this site was no help to me

  • ed says:

    i am a total beginner. i have been practicing changing chords from G to D and vice versa. i just want to know if there is someone also out there have the same problem with mine. when i change from D to G, i can’t put all three fingers at the same time on each proper position. instead, i position first the first finger and followed by the two finger at the same time. when i change from G to D, i position first my first and second finger on second fret at the same time followed by the third finger.

    • Carl says:

      The fingering diagram is wrong. It should be 1-2-3 instead of 1-3-2, shich is anatomically correct, as you have discovered.

    • James Waterhouse says:

      i have no advice for u but if u keep on practicing im sure youll get it

      James, 10,pro on guitar

  • Ajay says:

    okay this is where I am going to take a couple of days before moving on.

  • Mel says:

    Hi Nate,
    Am in New Zealand, this website is fantastic…best I have come across and you teach so well, wish you were in NZ and I could come and have a class one on one.
    I think I have D & G Major spot on.
    Look forward to more lessons.

    Thank you sir

  • EJ says:

    Awesome site….still struggling with D…fingers muting. I’m experimenting with posture now. Sometimes I can get it…so just need to figure out what I’m doing wrong. But, love the lessons. They are great.

  • singerseun says:

    i love dis site,its full of knwoledge

  • Abhishek says:

    Can’t play the G chord. please help. Iam an absolute beginner.

  • Sumit Gupta says:

    First of all i appreciate your good work on guitar lessons, very effective.

    While playing D major chord my guitar is making a jumbling noise specifically at G chord. I have ensured that G chord is tuned properly, but when i press the G chord from left hand and strike it it creates jumbling kind of noise. Can you suggest if i can try something?

    • Mailyd says:

      Fair enough. I had etiher forgotten or was unaware of Chet Atkins (my timelines frequently get crossed). I merely used Scotty because he’s generally more remembered/referenced. I am aware of Dean Martin and James Dean’s effects on Elvis, and in turn, Bing Crosby’s effect on Dean Martin.

  • abhinav garg says:

    i don’t have a guitar right now.. But after watching some of your lessons.. I am planning to have one soon :))) :DDD

  • Steve says:

    Hi Nate
    how come your videos dont start the beginnner guitar series the same as this video?

  • Lucesam says:

    Does it matter if you strum all the strings for a D (even the high E and A)

  • Cindy says:

    every time i do a chord that involves the e1 string i cant seem to make the e1 string sound i dont know how to put my finger on it to make it sound can some one please help ..tips videos or someting please.

  • Pedro says:

    Hello. i got the G major chord right away but the D chord sounds muted :/ i cant curl my fingers. please help

  • Rishi says:

    Hello Nate,

    I’m a complete newbie and I find it difficult to play the D chord. It sounds muted and i can’t curl my fingers. I’ve tried a lot yet it still sounds muted. Please help me. My guitar is a Givson Venus Spl.

  • Rajat says:

    Bro can u teach me over garagband ipad 2… Pls

    • Salih says:

      I have been really woenrnidg about the smoke on the water song in the first video -.-, kinda wierd that i am asking for lesson 5 -.-.I’ve seen poeple like playing ALL across the neck, probably playing chords. What you have shown us, is that the true way?

  • sam says:

    hi. I Want to change my guitar strings but i don’t know what type of strings i should take coz there is many types. Could u please make a video in how to choose the right strings…
    thank you

  • LM1299 says:

    I’m twelve, and I have wanted to learn to play guitar forever. My mom got the guitar restrung today. I love this website!!!! I just learned my first chord and plan on learning more!!!!

  • redneck says:

    gerat lesson i am jut a begginer and am having trouble with the d major any sugestions? plz help

  • Elly says:

    Hey Nate.
    I’m just a beginner and learning to play. My fingers have a HUGE problem curving properly, they land on the other strings a lot, what do you suggest?

  • Riyu says:

    wts tht coloured 0 n non-coloured?

  • Steve says:

    How would I know if your lessons are any good. The only thing I can ever get to, is just where to put your fingers for a cord. Every thing else is currently unavailable.

  • Samika Singh says:

    Hi Nate,
    Im 10 and in 2 weeks I need to learn hey soul siter Train.
    I am a total newbie and love ur website.

    • Nate Savage says:

      im 10 2 but im a pro, if youve got any questions or songs u want 2 learn and u dont understand nate, just ask me :p

  • Peter Fox says:

    I just can’t do it. My fingers mute the other chords and I am really getting frustrated. It’s my birthday today anyway and I really want to learn guitar as I got my guitar today for a present. Please try to give me tips as also I want to impress someone at school :D

  • charles quarles says:


  • Herb says:

    I happen to have a classic acoustic guitar which has a wider fret board than a regular acoustic (which is about 3/8 inch narrower) I can play several chords without problem but wonder if I should get a standard acoustic instrument which has a narrower neck and might be easier to use and possibly help when I want to increase speed of play.

  • charles quarles says:


  • sammy says:

    Hi, i play dmaj as described above, i find it soo much easier ! i couldnt do it the other way now!
    Thanks nate, i am single mum teaching myself at home and i find your lessons great!

  • shirley says:

    Hi, first of all these lessons are fantastic. I’ve only just started but i seem to have this annoying problem of having my nails get in the way. I’ve cut them as short as it possible can be cut but they still get in the way when i try pressing the strings down when playing chords. Ive tried filing them down a bit but now they just hurt. I know this must sound weird but my nails go right up to the tip of the fingers. Can you suggest a way i can press the stings down. Cheers.

  • Dennis says:

    Thanks for the small bites of instruction. I am not overwhelmed.
    Keep up the good work

  • syed ahmad says:

    awesome work sir ……………..m feeling pain in my fingers //////

  • Raghava Rao says:

    marvelous teaching of guitar. a beginner can learn painlessly and perfectly at the same time interestingly.

  • Harshita says:

    ThaNK yOU sHO mUch Sir……….. :)

  • Harshita says:

    Sir the lessons are great…. :) but i would like to know what is d difference between the filled circles with number 3 and 4 and the empty circles with number 1 and 2

  • Harshita says:

    but i would like to know what is d difference between the filled circles with number 3 and 4 and the empty circles with number 1 and 2

  • Priya says:

    This is such a cool and great website. Thank you very much sir.

  • Eric says:

    really enjoy the lessons.

    • Mariana says:

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  • Sinead says:

    Hi! When I learnt the D major chord I was told that the only string I shouldn’t be playing was the E string or the sixth string. Which one is right?

  • Ron says:

    A great site for a beginner like me. Always wanted a guitar to hopefully play and make some kind of music. Well, I’ll soon be 69 years young and bought my first guitar a few days ago, a Fender, and then I found this site. Fingers are sore but I have plenty of patience at my age. Thanks again for helping by letting me access this site.

  • danny says:

    i would up with vido

    • Yass says:

      Third. Right the wrong exercises you are doing aparporipte now. Some exercises only support in strengthening your abs but do not work in forming them. By doing the correct exercises you are able to form those abs and lose weight all at the very same time.

  • danny says:

    thank you i am a begeinner learning guitar and tour site one of the best i have sean thanks again.

  • infinite says:

    God bliss you man…

  • Avan says:

    hey guys i just brought a new ashton guitar…is it good or should i buy a new one?
    im just a beginner..:D

  • Nate Savage says:

    Hi guys i know that some of you have been saying that that the pictures are wrong but i can assure u there not

  • Tamara says:

    One questions. When I switch between chords there is a buzzing sound, the one that you get when you don’t hold the string down enough on the fret. Anyways, do you have any tips on how to improve that or do I just need practice and speed?
    PS I’m a beginner (have had my Yamaha FD01S for 3 days now)

  • Firas says:

    pretty awesome site and lessons :), and here’s an easy way train your fingers on D maj.
    try to put your 1st fing under your second fing and then press on the 1st string with your 2nd fing and press the 3rd string with your 1st fing, when you get hold of them press the 2nd string with your 3rd fing, it worked perfectly for me :), hope it help you :).

  • Ashley Bokoru says:

    Sorry to point this out, but your G chord diagram in the video description is wrong/different from the one in the video. Possible fix please? :)

  • Jaqi says:

    Does it matter that on the G Major chord chart on the video says 123 and on the one on the description it says 234 for the fingers used?

  • aaron says:

    Hey guys,
    i”ve been playing guitar for a few months but every now and then all my friends and my teacher tell me that my chord shifting is horrible for my level.They say that my G chord goes wrong and it will affect me. Any Help!!!

  • Allen Rainey says:

    This is the first time I ever tried to play the guitar. I am an old man but I want to learn and I thank you for this helpful information.

  • Jason Holmquist says:

    I can’t do it -.-

  • Tori says:

    Hey Nate I need some help. I am trying to learn the G Major chord. This is new to me so I don’t know if it is because I am new or if it is the way the guitar is tuned (maybe incorrectly?). What I did was place my left hand fingers as it should be to play a G chord. Being new to this my wrist starts to give out and cramps up a bit. My finger tips seem to be on the strings perfect because I have looked and have not seen them overlapping on the strings below but when I hold down the 6th string fret 3 finger 2 and then strum down ward it makes an odd rattling sound. I have tried strumming on the other two positions with out strumming the 6th string and it does not rattle but then we I incorporate it to get to that G major chord the 6th string leaves a lingering rattle. Do you think this needs to be tuned? I tried tuning it a few times but I can’t seem to figure it out. Please comment (: THANK YOU!

  • mahmoud says:

    Nate there are two problems
    1st one is : when I am playing any chord my finger tips hurt a lot is it normal and is there a solution to it ???

    2nd one is : when I press on many frets next to each other my finger tips are big so they mute some other strings is there a solution ??

  • mahmoud says:

    Nate one other thing I wanna be an electric guitar player
    but I have to practice on a classic guitar cuz it’s the one I have already so does it take another way of practicing ????

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    Do you strum all the strings? (I know you dont play the ones with the X’s)

    Because, the ones held down are not to be heard, or are they? (when they’re held down, they make a different sound, or are they held down just to be not played and to separate them from the other strings that are to be played, so people can play it fast?)
    I don’t know? Please inform me! And, sorry if I’m confusing..

    • Colton says:

      when you hold strings down it creates a different pitch. mountaintops e makes a deep sound when played open. if you hold it down at the first fret it continues to make a very deep sound. now if you move and play the highest fret possible it still makes a deep sound but with a higher pitch.

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    Help Please TT-TT Just got my guitar 2 hours ago

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    I find the D shape here impossible. Hope it helps.

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  • John T. M. Herres says:

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    Hey guys I have the Silvertone pro series (if that helps in any way0 and I tried lifting up my fingers from the g major and tried putting them back on and my pinkie is always one string higher than it should be and I tried for 9 days!! and it still keeps doing any tips
    Thank you so much I really liked this lesson and by the way my D cord is a lot lower than yours do I need to retune it?

    Thanks again =]

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    I’ve seen alot comments saying that they are having trouble playing the d chord whereas they have no prob playing the g chord. Im not sure why but i have no problem with my d chord and i am struggling with my g chord really badly. Is thr anyway to improve my g chord nate? I find that i have problems with the ring finger where i cant exert enuf strength to press the string

    • Nate Savage says:

      Hey Guitar Lover,
      Are you making the G chord with your 1st, 2nd and 3rd fingers or 2nd, 3rd and 4th fingers?

  • Guitar lover says:

    It wud be great if you cud reply:)
    Btw, its my 4th day practicing since i bought a guitar

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    Lots of South African love

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    • Nate Savage says:

      Hey Richard, what do you mean by low? Low in volume? Are you referring to the open G chord or the G bar chord?

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    Great job, Kez.

    • Nate Savage says:

      Hey Kez, thanks man. Is your internet browser up to date. You can also try Firefox or Chrome, those seem to work well for me.


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