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Holding An Electric Guitar

In this lesson we are going to take a look at how to hold an electric guitar. The three basic options that you have to choose from when holding an electric guitar are the casual method, the classical method and standing up. We will cover each one of these methods and let you know about some gear that you might want to buy.

The casual method is probably the most popular method of holding the electric guitar. This is because, with this method, it is easy to just pick up the guitar and start playing. You don’t necessarily need a strap or a footstool to pick up the guitar and go. To use the casual method, just sit down and place the guitar over your right leg. Hold the guitar close to your body and use you right arm to make sure that the guitar does not slide down your leg. It is a really good idea to make sure that you are sitting up straight. Bad posture can lead to back problems and poor technique.

The classical method of holding the guitar requires that you put the guitar over your left leg. Usually people that use the classical method have a footstool to rest their left foot on. This brings their leg up higher and puts the guitar in a better position for playing. You can find a footstool at pretty much any music store for about $15-$30 The advantages of the classical method are that it puts your fretting hand in a better position for playing and it gives you better access to the higher frets. Again, make sure that you are sitting up straight.

Standing while playing the guitar is a great way to practice. When you are performing in front of an audience you will usually be standing. If you practice in the same position that you will be playing in, you will probably be more comfortable and make fewer mistakes. If you want to stand when you are playing you will need to have a guitar strap. Straps for electric guitars can cost anywhere from $10-$50. Most straps are fully adjustable so that you can wear your guitar low or high. There are a lot of guitar players out there that wear the guitar really high and there are a lot that wear their guitar really low. Try adjusting your strap to different heights and see what position works best for you.

Experiment with all three methods of holding the electric guitar and pick the one that you are the most comfortable with. You can also learn how to hold an acoustic guitar here!

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