Finger Numbering On Guitar

How To Number Your Fingers For Learning The Guitar!

Finger Numbers On GuitarIn this lesson we are going to learn about the finger numbering system that we will be using in all of our lessons. These finger numbers refer to the fingers on your left hand. This may seem very simple, but if you are a beginner it is very important to use the correct fingering on the examples that we will be giving you. Getting in the habit of using the proper finger now will make your life a lot easier when you start to learn more complicated passages on the guitar. Use this video as a reference and make sure that you understand which finger to use in any given situation.

Use the provided finger numbering diagram to reference which number is associated with what finger on your hand.

Your index finger will be referred to as your “first finger.”

Your middle finger will be referred to as your “second finger.”

Your ring finger will be referred to as your “third finger.”

Your pinky finger will be referred to as your “fourth finger.”

After you learn the proper fingering numbers, you can begin to learn many different guitar chords and guitar scales. You should also get comfortable with the fretboard numbers on your guitar!

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  • Joe Smith says:

    I am 52 and have always wanted to learn how to play guitar. You have been so helpful. I just wanted to say thenk you. You are awesome! Keep up the good work.

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    im 33 and wanted and i finally learned how and im so awesome

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    I’m 15 and I love what you and everything :) Thanks a lot

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    I am 89 im doing awesome

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  • ndubuisi onyeka says:

    pls i need to learn to play the guiter

  • Danielle says:

    this is amazing. i am currently 16, and i needed to learn how to play the guitar since no one else in my family knows how. I just bought a guitar and i couldn’t exactly see in the video they gave me where exactly to place my “fingers” and what they were to be known as. By watching this i have taken notes and am going to practice on basic chords. Thank you!

  • myfreedom1776 says:

    Hey Joe Smith, I’m 65 and studying the banjo and guitar. I guess your never to old to learn if you put your mind to it. Thank God that my mind and fingers are in good shape.

    These lessons are very good and I’ve learned a lot between professional lessons and these internet lessons.

    Good Luck Joe Smith and don’t give up!!

  • infinite says:

    You know what man, you don’t need that I write commend for you, cause you’re just amazing, GOD BLESS YOU

  • BOSSNESSx) says:

    Thanks for the lessons! I’m 15. I actually was having a large amount of trouble with this concept, but eventually overtime I was getting the hang of things with the guitar. I’m “ok” at the moment with my guitar and playing, but I can’t wait ’till I’m better!

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    i am 50yrs old.i want to learn guiter.please help me.

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    Thank u this is really going to help me

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    mannn,this is soo awesome,once u get to know how to play guitar u juz don wanna do anyfing else but just play ur guitar…..soo c0ol :) fnx alot br0!!

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    I need someone to help me with the cords I do it by numbers sometimes I get really angry please help me.

  • Josh says:

    Where to find the best place to do guitar playing

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    I need alot of help playing a guitar and i am 11

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    I did once perform on guitar over 50 years ago in a Skiffle Group that I started.However as you know for Skiffle you really only needed 3 or four chords to get by.
    Now I want to learn the Guitar properly and you seem to be just the right person to follow.Uncomplicated- thats what I need. Thank You
    I am now 72 years old but musically about 30.

    • Nate Savage says:

      Hey Bob, there are a ton of students over 60 that use and you are in good company! :)

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    I wish to learn more about guiter playing though its my first time to have interest in playing a guiter

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    This is stupid I wish they could help me learn al the fingering for the Guitar

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    You’ve got great insights about Guitar fingering, keep up the good work!


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