More Strumming!

Learn A More Complex Guitar Strumming Pattern!

The strumming pattern that we will be using is short and simple, but it gives this progression a nice feel. The basic strumming pattern is “Down Down Down Down Down-Up”. Practice that a few times and get a feel for it. Play this pattern once for the G, once for the D, once for the A minor 7 and once for the C.

Practice this pattern slowly at first if you need to. Try to make the pattern as smooth as possible. You may have some trouble changing chords and strumming at the same time but if you practice practice practice you will get better in no time. Watch the guitar lesson video for a simple way to keep your strumming in time

I hope you got something out of the Quick-Start Series! If you are really into step-by-step guitar lessons like this you should really check out the Guitar System. It is a progressive course for new guitar players and those just picking the guitar back up after a while. There are 6 DVDs, 4 CDs and a 177 page workbook that give you solid guitar instruction without skipping any steps. Click here to find out more about the Guitar System.

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    thanks for the basic lessons u r providing to the basic learners. thank you for such help…….

  • Bilal Sardar says:

    your lessons are awesome!

  • Nadia says:

    Wow, l learnt the whole beginners section in a couple of hours now I’m strumming away. You were also Eye Candy so it helped too. Thanks so much. Nadia

    • Noor Sherazi says:

      A couple of hours? can you really do it in that short a time? I thought you have to practice for months!

    • Jamie says:

      if she plays something like piano as well then picking up on smooth cord changes would be easier and if played constantly she would learn to play smoother as well, she probably wont be able to pick it up and play smooth the next day and would need 15-20min of warm up to be able to do it, the pick up and go part is what will take months

    • stacey says:

      same here. but i need practice to be smoother. :D

  • Nick says:

    Bro thanks sooo much I learned this whole section in about 1and a half hours, your a great teacher!!

  • Abdo says:

    You are the best! I hope you great success ,even more than you are in right now! If i ever find your “guitar system” package in Ukraine i’ll be sure to buy it! i promise! :D

  • Felicitas P. Calicdan says:

    How do you do basic strumming patterns with the F Chord?

  • Xiansong says:

    Excellent!!! Easy for me to understand.
    I bought a guitar 4 months ago but I still can not strum background music since I only play it half an hour every day.
    I think it would be great help to follow your lessons. Do you have some videos talking about strumming from the tab?

    • Bodhi says:

      2 weeks! Yes, if you’re agzainmly slow. Just do it all slowly and you can master it in about an hour.

  • arun says:

    all people say it all .ur lessons r cool

  • Felicitas P. Calicdan says:

    Beginner Guitar System Nate please compare your DVDs to Learn and And Master Guitar Teacher Steve Krenz

  • Doug Martin says:

    Great website, great lessons. I can see some progress in a few days. I’m anxiously awaiting the DVD’s to really get rolling.

  • Nick says:

    I checked many sites for beginners but this one is the best.
    I just played guitar for 2 hours since i purchased it but i hv a long way to go and i feel confident to play guitars now

  • vimal Dass says:

    Nice there are people who have the talent to teach others. Great keep it up

  • paul says:

    Hi,you are a good teacher,very easy to learn from ,thank you ,if a person could buy these lessons by ebook,and dvd all in a program,so there where no mailing requirments would be awsome ,like just downloading the it possible ?

  • paul says:

    Sorry nate l see you have A online course did not see that part until now” Hello ” for only $ 23.00 dollars a month ,just one question,does it teach just by electric guitar or acoustic ?

  • Jason says:

    I have just finished watching the 12 part beginner series and I have to say that I have learned more today than I have in the past 8 years of attempting to learn guitar with books. This is definately the option for me and people like me who learn by being taught and not books. I will definately be getting this, A+ from me! Thanks nate

  • ailyn says:

    ..thank you i learned so fast..:)

  • jayy says:

    thxxx a lot…

  • Manoz says:

    Thanks Nate, I will surely buy your system. Watching your videos I am sure that you are a great teacher.
    By the I am from Houston, went to SJC North, and U of H.

  • Emma says:

    your lessons are AMAZING! and i CAN believe there free. double whammy! free and awesome! haha :D

  • Nkem Chigbogwu says:

    u r totally amazing. i’m going to write a song to that. i got a guitar 4 christmas and all the guitar lesson websites that i went 2 were dumb. and them i foung ur site. it’s amazing.

  • prantik says:

    nate i practised all the chords nd i’m getting better on it, but my guitar doesn’t sound as nice as ur one….. wat shud i do?

    • The Mart says:

      you have to tune it :). use an electric tuner from an iphone/smartphone app if you can. also the type of guitar can also sound different :)

  • vignesh says:

    Hiii i am from India(Bangalore), well i have gone through urs beginners lessons its really fantastic, i understood everything that u have said and the most interesting fact is the way u explained it. u are really good teacher:) thank you sir and have a many more success in future

  • chubzy says:

    hey they said it all! absolutely nothing left to say… this site is awesomastic!

  • Jack says:

    Cool lessons but I thought we were learning “knocking on heaven’s door” at the end. Am I missing something? I’ve looked all around on here. I know this was free so far, but I feel a little cheated. I was really looking forward to learning a song :(

    • Renee says:

      These 4 chords were probably the song, I failed to recognise that tho.

    • Michael says:

      The song is Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door by Bob Dylan. Also covered by Guns N Roses. Listen to Dylan’s song so you can hear how the cords go. It’s a big help for learning.

  • Pedro says:

    Hi, thanks a lot, it´s a great job this site.
    Is it possible make a lesson about sixteen notes
    (counting, strumming, etc)?


  • Walter says:

    Does your dvds have any lessons on reading music?

  • Abdulljj says:

    man, i loved this stuff
    thanks a lot

  • Sheng says:

    Hi, I have a question: do you hit all strings while strumming? Or just the one meant for the chords?

    Thanks in advance!

  • sunil pandole says:

    Do you have dvd/cd for all learning session so that I can buy and learn nicely.Please reply if Dvd/cd are available what is the price and how to order them.


  • Lucas says:

    Is there anything different for electric guitar. I am into rock on electric guitar so is there anything different than what you are playing on acoustic than on electric

  • Mohammed Parvej says:

    Your strumming is so simple to understand for any body. I like your explaining step by step and its really really very simple and nice.

    Parvej from mumbai India.

    • Alejandro says:

      for all the haters tanlikg about his songwriting and simplicity..i can tell you first hand from being at his bass camp and taking lessons with him, he is so far beyond simplistic. You have no idea how much more he is doing that most people can’t even count and understand. Keep practicing and quit judging.

  • "Scottish" John says:

    Just want to say thanx learnt more in one night with yourself than the preveois 6 months i have been learning all i learnt up to finding this site was caged and f minor THANKYOU.

  • Mudit says:

    Hey Nate,
    Thank u so much for these wonderful lessons.
    I have a slight problem while transitioning to D major chord. My first two fingers come first on the strings and the third one after them. This makes me go kinda off beat (although quite slightly) and also one can notice a break in the strumming. Any suggestions.?

    • phil hill says:

      hi im just learning guitar myself and im haveing the same problems with my transition did you get any tips of anybody that help. plz share

  • phil hill says:

    im an absolute beginer and so im finding it hard not to lay my fingers over the other strings whilst trying out the cords you showed us is there any finger exercises i can do to help make my fingers adgile and responsive.

    • Mudit says:

      Hey, It takes quite a lot of practice and patience to make your fingers fall on the right strings while making progressions, as more and more practice lets your fretting hand/fingers remember well and make correct postures subsequently. Patience is a virtue, but here, with practice too. :)

  • tadhg says:

    Are your guitar lesson dvds for sale in Ireland?

  • riya says:

    wow!!!!!!u r awesome

  • Devon Peterson says:

    i really find these lesson very, and i mean very helpful, its even better than Rocksmith

  • James says:

    On the up stroke do you play all the notes,

  • Anni says:

    I have a question about the strumming pattern. On the A7 chord and the C cord you arent supposed to play the highest string, but whenever I come up on the &-a of the stumming pattern, I accidentally hit it and it sounds really bad. How do you avoid that and still make it sound natural? Thanks!

  • Mukul says:

    Hi Nate,
    I have finished the beginner quick start series.
    I don’t know how i should proceed further.
    Should I learn guitar chords first or guitar scales or guitar theory.
    Please help because I always try to find logic for memorizing the things.
    Thanks & regards

  • Zac King says:



    I have no idea what video what to do next. Please email if you do fix this or tell me what order you recommend on watching them.

    Thank You,

    • Eric says:

      Agree – it would be helpful if it were clear what to do next after completing the quick-start series.

  • avril says:

    yay i learned how to play it all thanks to are the best nate savage

  • Lizy says:

    Hey Nate,

    Got any tips on switching from chord to chord? I’m having a hard time with that particular skill. Is it just something I have to keep working at, or is there something I can do?

  • Malay K. Pandey says:

    Great Learning, I never thought of the way I have started learning. Amazing stuff.

  • dev says:

    thanx a ton…..:)

    • Pam says:

      Coaching Materials Having a guitar and song avblaaile, the final thing you’ll need is a song book or maybe a guitar manual that teaches you the numerous chords. These are just 2 tenets to help begin learning the best way to play guitar. You never can say! With lots of patience, coaching and attention, maybe you can even get the opportunity to have your own video clips disclosed on MTV at some specific point too! .

  • nalise says:

    Wow thanks so much i finally found a site that teaches me to play the guitar step by step! excellent teacher!!!

  • infinite says:

    thank you so much, love this site.

    • Rosalia says:

      L’appareil, c’est d’abord un outil, qui manipule9 par un pro, donne des re9sultats irybocanles, dont celui-ci. Je n’avais pas remarque9 que tu avais les yeux verts, ce qui va tre8s bien avec le mur derrie8re toi. Moi, les yeux verts e7a me fait craquer! Et e7a c’est ge9ne9tique! Mais, je pre9fe8re les yeux paires comme ceux de ma femme. En effet, elle en a deux! Ta boule de billard est pas mal non plus, bien rase9e en plus. Pas pire aussi l’ombre de ta base! A+

  • ur mom says:

    a little hard to understand but good

  • vishal says:

    grt experience till now…..

  • ADRIAN says:

    are we going to apply that pattern to all songs please reply cause im curious but don’t worry all of your lessons were fantastic

    • Slash says:

      I have found about this website from my Friend Nate
      and to your Question – The answer is absolutly NO!!!
      And WHY – Because it’s means that your saying that you could write a proper story using words like – Candy, Monkey, Car, House and Guitar ONLY.
      I anwsered you only because your question was utterly hilarious!!!

  • Em says:

    You make it all seem so easy compared to other teachers I’ve had. Thanks for great lessons.

  • gagan deep singh says:

    Hey Nate,
    you are awesome man. I have tried your lessons for a week and after that i came to know that i can be a guitarist on day. Thanks a lot.

  • Captain Sam says:

    Those series were really very sucessesifuly, I could finally play after those amazing lessons ..God bless you

  • mahmoud says:

    Nate does it take time to change chords and I can’t change theme without seeing the strings is it right ??

  • mahmoud says:

    I mean to learn how to change chords *

  • Jesse says:

    So I watched your beginner series and got most of it just having problems getting my fingers to reach and be comfy on the notes any suggestions??

  • eelo says:

    these online lessons are pretty cool and efficient… thanks !

  • Smub50 says:

    Your program is great. You’re serene and articulate. I’ve been disabled with “C” for two&half years and decided to pick up my guitar again after twentyfive years. I’m looking forward to receiving the whole package. God day.


  • Michael says:

    Thanks for the beginner lesson everything else wasn’t working, I needed this badly.

  • venkyzz says:

    thank u soo much

  • maryjane says:

    Thanks . I really like it

  • geoffrey says:

    thanks. man

  • Sharon says:

    Hey Nate!Your lessons are awesome. Surely I will become a good guitarist one day. Now tell me which video i need to watch next. Its a bit confusion to decide. I completed till the more strumming part and couldnt understand which is the next lesson.

  • aakanksha says:

    thanx. after watching all the videos i somewhat like to play guitar moreoften earlier i had a guitar but never even touched it :-)

  • Vivek says:

    Hi Nate, I was desperately in need for this kind of site. I started playing guitar 1 mnth ago but started to loose interest after sometimes but thnx to you u saved me man . told all my friends in India about ur site

  • Sllaaa says:

    I dont use a pick and I find it hard to do the up action.Should I just practice or i should get a pick ? :/
    p.s ur amazing Nate ! thank u a lot c:

  • Brian says:

    how do i go to different lessons but stay on the aqustick???

    sorry if i spelling is not correct!

  • Nicole says:

    Best, coolest, awesomest ( and other worlds similar to great) guitar lessons yet

  • tj says:

    I’m just 15,I’ve been wanting to learn guitar since i was 10, and your lessons helped a lot, thanks bro,

  • Mark Taronji says:

    Nate. You are one cool MOFO. Your lessons have helped dramatically.

  • Hanna says:

    What is the name of this song?

  • Roo Carrera says:

    What kinda guitar is that anyway? Acoustic…?
    The lessons are way cool BTW.

  • Rebecca says:

    Omg i just got my new guitar and i am really terrible at it so i have decided to search the web 4 sme free online lessons

  • Rebecca says:

    these lessons will provide improvement in my guitar strumming :D

  • Majoring Minors says:

    Hi Nate!!

    These lessons are too good and loads of thanks for sharing with us!!

  • Ezekiel Vitalis says:

    thanx am working on everything you tought me

  • shahd mansour says:

    thankyou for these amazing lessons :) they’ve helped alot

  • Jolo says:

    Your lessons really helps me!! Thanks a lot!!

  • Umbriel says:

    THANK YOU THANKS ALOT it has helped me though im still trying to change cords but THANKS!!!!

  • Dan says:

    Finished the Quick Start Beginner Series. Still practising the Dexterity exercise and the 4 chords. I bought your Guitar system and just wanted to know if the CD/DVD Guitar system are instead of the next level online “Beginner Lessons” or a supplement ? Thank you

  • Adam says:

    Hi Nate , Im very new to this, just bought an acoustic and electric yesterday and is a goal I wanna accomplish and make a life long hobby , your vids were very helpful and I’m gonna practice every day and I printed out the 7 sheets and gonna follow it , thanks again ,

  • Kurt Cobain says:

    Nate, this was an awesome set of lessons, thanks so much bud.

  • this lesson is the best that has helped me so far,thnks says:

    NVRI vom,plateau state

  • Kelsey says:

    I got a 12 string acoustic guitar for my birthday is there anything on here for that or what are my options?

  • Eran says:

    These are not just free lessons, you are changing people’s life! Thanks!

  • Andy says:


  • LIONEL says:

    It really works!!!

  • Francs says:

    That’s cool bro! Where are u from?

  • Tim says:

    I just wanted to add to the other comments here. Keep up the good work! You do a fantastic job with the lessons and I’ve now been able to play a decent chord progression after these lessons. Really good step by step program and I look forward to doing more. Thanks

  • Ryan Higga says:

    Dont’t steal my name.

  • Jay says:

    After watching this video I was searching for the “like” option.Your videos are incredibly usefull & cool mate.

  • Juliana says:

    Thank you so much! I learned this section in about two hours and now it’s just practice and more practice!

  • Ami says:

    AWESOME! my sis just thinking to buy a guitar n ur strings play really amazed us, how skillfully n with no tension, u teach us LESSONS! CARRY ON dude! Hope to see u on BIG POSTERS! U R ALREADY a **STAR** for ME!!

  • John Adams says:

    It doesn’t matter, nylon/steel your fingers will hurt, until you form callouses on them. I’m sixty five and just started playing again on an nylon and its “Still The Same”.

    • James says:

      I second that. I have a nylon strung acoustic and it is hard on my hands. My steel strung electric is way more comforatable. The strings are not everything, the whole guitar setup comes into play. String guage, height of the “action” etc all comes into it.


  • Kakusuhu says:

    Hey i am only 13!

  • Joseph George says:

    First of all, thank you Nate Savage! I decided I wanted to learn to play the guitar when I heard John Lennon’s “Imagine”. You make it incredibly easy. I thought it would be months of hard, hard practice and dedication before I even learned the chords and things like that, but, this is my second day, and I’m confident that in a few weeks I’ll be cranking out some sweet tunes, or, at least “Mary Had a Little Lamb” :) Thanks again.

  • Rider570 says:

    Thank you very much for your effort. Those lessons are very useful

  • Whitney Hall says:

    I bought my guitar yesterday afternoon and found the tuning video on youtube while I was trying to get it back in tune. From there I came to the website and this is the best thing ever! thank you so much for this series! could you also do one on how to read music for the Guitar? I play Violin and Piano; is guitar music much different from those?

  • Shivani says:

    what lesson do I go to next? You’re such a good teacher :D

  • michael says:

    Really easy to follow, first time picking up a guitar (although i am a bit of a drummer), it took three days to get to the standard that is required at the end of “more strumming”. Thanks alot, just wish that u had a few more lessons on here. Nuff respex

  • Florence says:

    Hey Nate,
    i don’t have a guitar now cause guitars are really costly in Nigeria and my mum can’t get one for me because she is very busy.
    I crave your guitar lessons so much, the are really helpful.
    I wish and dream that one day i would be on forbes magazine amd go all around the world and go on world tours, write music, be a movie star, and that would be all thanks to you cause the guitar will start it all.
    Ive been looking for a teacher until i stumbled across this website and i wanna say a big THANK YOU and KEEP IT UP.

  • nirupam says:

    Hi Nate,
    I would like to thank you for these lessons. It will help me a lot to know more about playing a guitar system.

    Thanks for your assistance.

  • haiku says:

    Thank you so much. My fingers are sore. You’re so cool. -a frustrated guitar enthusiast

  • Ally says:

    Your lessons are AMAZING, but I’m having trouble transitioning smoothly… any tips?


  • Kapil says:

    hey! your lessons are really gud!! but i am not able to do the upstroke strumming properly.. please help me with it..

  • aditya shah says:

    thank you so so so so so muchhhhh….love uu dear

  • Mooki says:


    Thanks for wonderful and helpful lessons. I always wanted to learn how to play a guitar but had no one to show me how to start.
    I guess this is the new beginning for me.

  • Bao Nhia says:

    what is that guitar called?

  • MoDog says:

    The C Major is killing me. My 3rd finger just doesn’t want to go there. Anybody else have success with the #4 finger on the 3rd on the A?

  • Kristin says:

    Wow, thank you so much. I’m just relearning the guitar after a 35 year break (dropped it after high school) and these lessons are great. My fingers are killing me but I’m smiling!!! Thank you

    • Nate Savage says:

      Arrrggghh, I wouldn’t want to go through that process again, but keep smiling. You know it’s just a matter of time before the pain goes away again.

  • Al Altares says:

    Just want you to know that your lessons are great and easy to understand. I just bought my new Fender guitar and started your beginners lesson.

    Al Altares

  • Christine Tennis says:

    Hey Nate, thanks so much for these free lessons. I just got my Fender acoustic guitar today and I have never picked up a guitar in my life until today! I love how your videos break everything down! G chord I had no problem with but that D chord is killing me! But I will just keep practicing till I get it! Thanks so much man!

  • Pete says:

    Thanks for the quick start tutorial. It was just what I needed to get started and gain some confidence.

  • Jini says:

    awesome lessons!!!!!!!!! thank u soooooo much!!!!!! i got a guitar as asuprise gift but with my tution classes i really dont have time to go for a guitar classs… this guitar lessons actually helped me sooooo much!!!!!!!!! thank you!!!!!!

  • Ricky023 says:

    How do I find the strumming patterns for certain songs?

    • Nate Savage says:

      Hey Ricky023, That is kind of a huge question to answer in a comment post. You should sign up for The Strumming Boot Camp here on It covers a lot of really critical and fundamental strumming topics.

  • vito says:

    Hey Nat
    Thanks for the beginner lessons.They were straight forward…You’re approach is great.
    I’m a drummer and have tried to play guitar in the past but couldn’t make any sense of I decided to buy try again and saw your lessons..By makes sense now..Great job..GodBless

  • Jill says:

    Hey Nate,

    Thank you!

  • opon says:

    Hey Nate thanks for the beginning lessons I am 11 years old and I have had tonnes of trouble on guitar so thanks man!!!

  • opon says:

    can you please give me your email so we can start chatting on hotmail

  • opon says:

    Nate I am so sorry but I accidently sent my apple id verification for the I pad into your email so can you please send it to me on

  • Flor de Maria Viteri says:

    I bought a new guitar, and the sound is better. Actually, I am practicing the strumming patterns over for one month. I am very happy learning step by step, and my little pug Gizmo is my best listener!
    Thank you very much for your dedication, and knowledge.


  • Michelle says:

    Can you give me an idea of what songs are on the beginner dvd’s?

    • Nate Savage says:

      Hi Michelle,

      The Guitar System doesn’t include cover songs for legal reasons, but it does in include over 50 play-along songs and over 40 loops that I wrote to help apply everything that you learn in each section of lessons. The core of the program teaches rock, blues, classic rock and pop. Once you work your way through the core sections (fundamentals, beginner, intermediate and advanced) you get to the styles. Those include jazz, blues, metal, fingerstyle, classical, country, bluegrass and more. I basically wrote play-along to go with all the lessons in the style of the most appropriate and popular artists (ACDC, Led Zeppelin, Stevie Ray Vaughan, The Beatles, etc.) Hope that answers your question.


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