A Minor 7 And C Major Chords

Learn How To Play The A Minor 7 And C Major 7 Guitar Chords!

Ok, you have learned your G major and D major chords! Now you need to learn two more chords to be able to play through the chord progression in the next lesson. In this guitar lesson you will be learning how to play an A minor 7 chord and a C major chord. Once you have these two chords down you will be ready to move on to the actual lessons where you will be learning how to play the song. Here are the two chord diagrams for the A minor 7 and C major chords.

Make sure that you have these chords down cold because in the next lesson we will put them together with the G and D chord that you learned in the last lesson. Changing form chord to chord smoothly can be challenging so make sure you have these shapes down before moving on to the next lesson.

a minor 7 and c major chords

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  • Darsana says:

    Your beginners lessons are cool in that they are made easy to follow and I am sure many will benefit from them like me.

  • MIke says:

    Yo ubeginner lessons are great I really appreciate you taking the time to share with all of us. Thanks

  • cyril says:

    thank you for sharing your knowledge! :) I’ve learned a lot

  • rich says:

    you have really really taught the chords really well, for once i feel i can do it… awesome Nate… you are truly the best

  • tommy skeen says:

    First I would like to commend you on giving your time to help all of us beginners. My question is I have been trying to learn certain chords which are frustrating two are chord b flat major and chord f major the chord f major requires me to cover the 5th and 6th strings while i am also covering the 1st string and the chord b flat major reqiures me to stretch what seems to be humanly impossible. My question is am i trying too hard of a chord for just being a beginner? I am 47 and the desire to play is so overwhelming but the frustration is killing me it feels like I am wearing boxing gloves

    • Nate Savage says:

      Hey Tommy,
      I think diving into chords like this even as a beginner is good. It may take you a while to get them sounding good but they will eventually. You might want to only tackle the challenge of building up the strength in your index finger first before taking on the entire chord. Try to get a nice clean sound out of your bar with your 1st finger on all 6 strings!

    • Rebecca says:

      know how you feel. I first picked up a guitar about 9 years ago, the frustration and too much hard work caused me to give up. This time I feel ready. Ive only learned 2 chords so far, d major and g major. However I feel confident now. Before the pain was too much, now I hardly notice it at all! My worst frustration was changing from chords quickly, I would take my fingers off a chord and pause, thinkinng where to place my fingers for the next chord. Now I continue strumming during transition and picture in my head the next chord shape-it sounds a lot better with no pause and has given more confidence to continue. Im just about to check out the next 2 chords. Good luck

    • prantik says:

      first time it will b painful. bt aftr practising hard it’s really seems so easy……

  • colton says:

    These videos are a lot better compred to my first act lessons. Thanks Nate

  • muzammil says:

    nice lessons nate now i will practice the chord after that will learn the song

  • attempt1 says:

    This might be a dumb question, but what are the diagrams in the text, below the video? Those are different than the diagrams in the actual video…right?

  • Khriz134 says:

    @attempt1 those diagrams are the chords he is playing it may look different but they are the same chords

  • Tanya says:

    you are seriously the only person I’m able to understand when it comes to being taught to play guitar. thanks bro. (:

  • Loreanna Michelle says:

    thank you, this is helping so much, i can actually understand you(:

  • Joseph says:

    your teaching method is great ,really helpful…many thanks

  • melody says:

    this is AWESOME i love C cord

  • Melanie says:

    this is awesome im actually learning to play guitar yay B)

    • Ollen says:

      kai Posted on Jo, I’m with you. It’s so easy to go back to taking a dip in the fear pool. I fuirge the more we practice the better we’ll get at avoiding that pool. Love that your mother shared shifting the energy with you one superCHICK handing down superpowers to the next generation of superCHICK. Awesome!

  • Matthew says:

    Wow! These lessons are very helpful. I’ve tried lessons in person and it just did not click with me. You make this so easy and understandable.

    One question, I would like to clarify what I believe Attempt1 was saying. The chord charts in the lesson and the chord charts below the video are slightly different. I’ve noticed this difference in other chord charts. The “zeros” are either filled in or empty. Why the difference?

    Thanks again. This is so fun.

  • alejo says:

    Hi, is there an alternate way to play the c Major 7 chord. My hands hurts so bad when i try putting my third finger on the 5th string on the third fret. And i think i twisted my wrist too :(. Is there an alternate way or can i do without the c major chord. Not a huge fan of that chord right now.

    • Turtle says:

      twist your wrist like your holding a barbell in the bicep curl position

    • Ronaldo says:

      How to put my knobs, and some suggestions on padels would be nice. And by heavy metal i mean the original heavy metal. Whitesnake, Scorpions, Van Halen, Night ranger, Kix, Bullet Boys etc.

    • Anjanette says:

      Jo Posted on Well written. It’s hard to learn to shift from fear to cotiecnnng to one’s own power. I still dip my toe in the fear part too frequently. I’m smiling over turning the tables. My mother actually used to do that. She shared that trick with me when I was in college. lol I think it gave her the power she needed because she could never figure out any other way.

    • stacey says:

      i find the hard part is my index finger. but using the pinky instead of 3rd is a little easier.

  • suik ping says:

    hi nate, i’m from malaysia. a guitar beginner… just bought my very first acoustic guitar two days ago! came cross this site when i “suddenly” had the urge of learning guitar.. and after browsing a few videos here, i decided to self-learn, not to attend classes. your lessons have been really helpful. thank you so much :)

  • Clint says:

    While my thought of playing music is to turn on the satellite radio in the van, I decided to take up something i’ve always wanted to do. So far, I can tell i’ve got to get some length transplanted to my fingers. I haven’t had much luck in making the connection with the fingers as shown. (ain’t gonna give up, though) Thanks for the time and effort of explaining so this 61 yr can understand it.

  • Ashley says:

    Erm. Well, my Am7 sounds quite depressing, and my D chord is not up to par. My other chords sound great, but some are not turning out well. Maybe I need a new guitar? The strings are perfectly normal and my guitar is also in tune. I don’t know what else to do.. By the way, the lessons are amazing.. Thanks ^^

    • Ashley says:

      My C chord sounds depressing too.. Maybe it’s just me..

    • Tan says:

      Maybe you need to check the neck of your guitar or the frets? I’m not sure, I’m no pro like nate. But there are some factors you can consider that can affect the sound coming out.

    • paul says:

      I had the same problem when I first started playing. So I took it to a guitar repair shop to find out the problem. When I first bought my guitar, I did not do the required set up for the neck and bridge. All guitars have to have a slight bow in the neck. This will change the sound quite abit.

    • stacey says:

      that’s fine. my choir mistress at school always used to say “a minor is depressed but a major is happy; like when teens go back to school.”

  • Nick says:

    Man you really are a great teacher

  • Nick says:

    Your a great teacher for once I feel like I can do it and I’m not sitting for hours on end in my room practicing 4stinkin cords , thanks so much

  • caxtone says:

    this is awsome

  • alex says:

    OMG I learned how to play my first song on guitar!!!! Thank you so much

  • mohammed says:

    reaaly thaaank u alot ,, i hope u put more videos for beginners ^.*
    cause all people are starting from ZERO in this site should know the Basics like this ;D

  • siddhi says:

    awesum dude…thnx…u hepled me a lot…..god bles u :*

  • sushanth says:

    trust me you are too good. i always wanted to learn guitar but felt so uncomfortable to go to a music school to learn it, and you have done my job easy as i can learn it from the comfort of my house thank you so much this has been really helpful so far.

  • vivek says:

    i really like this tutorial

  • John John says:


  • Tan says:

    Hi Nate, thanks for this wonderful site.
    I’m not a beginner and I can’t say I’m amateur, because there are parts in all these lessons that I know a bit of and some not. But as not having a clear ground on guitars. I’m starting off as a beginner in all these lessons ( except for the tuning and such, haha ). As it’s the only musical instrument I have available now (the guitar). I wanna pursue on it. Yes, I’m a drummer, but without a band, and it’s nearly hard to find one for me, for some personal reasons ofc. And I’d like to share with you my heartfelt gratitude for having this site available. One can find it here mostly everything he needs to start off his grounds. And what not, it’s free, and it’s easy.

    And then again, thank you so much Nate. Keep it up. May the force be with you( yea, I’m still a bit teen lol).

  • Noël says:

    Nate Savage You’re great man
    You’re a good teacher!
    but i don’t how to put my fingers
    on the chords fast (sorry for my english)

  • Martin M. R. says:

    thanks nate its my first time playing guitar and you make it so easy my friends that play guitar for 4 years think that im cheating your the best nate

    • Andy says:

      kai Posted on Hey Darralyn!Thanks for checking out the show. We’re wroikng on season two as I write this. New episodes some time next year. Will check out your site. Thanks!

  • geraldine says:

    well, got to put my 2 cents on this program that i have just read .. it is the most wonderful reading and so good that i have been every day on here and i just love it . can’t comment enough to this great person for all this free knowledge and sharing it with us beginners .. apreciate all the comments of these lessons …thanks a million my good friend…..

  • geraldine says:

    i just love music but never learned to play anything and i still don’t but after reading these instuctionns , i thinks i will start my first guitar practice…and age has nothing to do with what i want to do and i have to thank the good Lord that I can learn if i want to …thanks again good friend

  • Vilius says:

    those lesons are so cool you have a realy awsome talent sorry for the lithuanian accent

  • jim says:

    WOW what a great site. Nate your a star, giving your time & knowledge free, thank you, at the age of 47, iv picked up a guitar for the first time, picked your site & yes this info is free, Thank you, all I need to do, is practice, & enjoy, all the best

  • gracie says:

    Thanks for takin your time and teaching alot of people in the world. Thanks for also teaching me. Now I have something to do on Christmas Day. Thank You!!! :)

  • Vibhor says:

    Real cool and awesome lessons.
    All i can say is thanks. These lessons are really helping me alot.

  • Jayble says:

    These lessons are so awesome! My Mum,brother and I are learning together and we have learnt so much from these lessons!!! My Mum and I actually love you your the best Nate! Thanks soooooooooooooo much! <3

  • prantik says:

    damn cooool………..

  • vijay says:

    its right

  • Nick says:

    Thank you Nate! Great lessons

  • Steve says:

    I always wanted to learn to play the guitar,now that i have retired from the work force,and have the time,i have decided to learn it, your videos are great and easy to follow.

    Thanks Nate

  • Yoanna says:

    I just want to thank you about your lessons. I know many things thanks to you. But when I play the 2 chords, i see no difference. Is this normal, because im left handed & play with normal strings, i mean they are EADGBE, but they are supposed to be EBGDAE. does this make me think there is no difference between A minor & C major?

  • Uzma Gandhi says:

    Thanks Nate, your videos help a lot.

  • divina says:

    hi these lessons help alot but i can get the gand d magor chords it keep sounding weird. what do i do ?

  • divina says:

    i mean G and D MAJOR CHORDS ,

    • Noor Sherazi says:

      Press down harder. Use the tip of your fingers. Practice, practice, practice. I had the same problem too. Hope it helps!

  • Pedro says:

    do you have any advice on how to keep my fingers on my left hand from hurting?

    • Andreiita says:

      Posted on Eisner awarding wnining comic-shop, Zeus Comics is in Dallas which may or may not be on your route.Though I think you’ve hit upon a fantastic idea something we maybe should talk about off-site.If I don’t talk to you before hand, have a safe trip!

  • JUSTIN says:

    im confused do you put your finger on the lines or in between the lines

  • JUSTIN says:

    Its easy for me because i play the violin

  • Joanna says:

    I <3 ur beginner lessons but is there lessons for every note? And how do u read sheet music to play a song?

  • Stephen says:

    A great thank you for all the lessons, i am benefitting a lot from them and they are improving me.

  • Jenna says:

    your teachings are great, its just i have one of those begginers guitars that sound diffrent so im just confusing mysself :( Any help? :/

  • John says:

    any advice for people with fat fingers? some of the time when i try to play the chords and just learning the placing of my fingers without looking my fingers overlap the string under it just naturally and i’m trying to stop it but its hard to not do, is it me or the guitar or what?

  • Kelvin says:

    Hi nate, got any advice for people with fat fingers??..wen i try placeing dem on a particular string dey touch the onez below and mute dem..itz xo depressing…ive tried evrything, i even tried puttin tape round my third finger 2 help reduce d size:-(…please i need ur help.. :D

  • Kelviin says:

    Hey nate, got any advice for people with fat fingers??..wen i try placeing dem on a particular string dey touch the onez below and mute dem..itz xo depressing…ive tried evrything, i even tried puttin tape round my third finger 2 help reduce d size:-(…please i need ur help.. :D

  • guitars says:

    I relish, result in I found exactly what I was having a look for. You have ended my 4 day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye

  • Melvin Samuelsson says:

    This is really helpful, thanks for sharing your knowledge :)

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  • Losing weight Review says:

    I appreciate you posting this web site post.truly looking forward to study further info. cool.

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    omg!!! this is just awesome website.since ma childhood i’ve never listened to the online class for atleast 5minutes, but this crazy thing has made me to watch for 6hrs wow really use full stuff. :D i loved it.

    • Gabriel says:

      Since their 1978 eponymous debut, wow that was a long while gone, Wagon Halen has been roinckg crowds. Nonetheless the group’s sales started to slide in the mid-’90s, just as tensions between Hagar and Eddie started to appear.

  • Bradley Seidl says:

    Im in the ninth grade now, but i first picked up a guitar in the sixth grade, but gave up. my mom bought me a book for christmas two years later, but i hated it. I got into drums 6 months ago, used DrumLessons, loved it. Now I’m starting to stick with guitar, which I’ve always wanted to learn how to play

  • Erik Wiley says:

    Hey man i really appreciate your help with learning how to play the guitar, it has helped a lot and I’m now going to be able to do what i want, play the guitar :).

  • megan says:

    hi well i know tis lesson dont have somthing to do wit this but im kinda struggling with changing from a chord to e chord im really trying but im getting frustrated is tere any chance you could do a lesson on that? thanks

  • megan says:

    also youe website is helping me alot its quite tricky teaching myself guitar at my age i mean like im only 10!

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    thanks for all this help! Im so glad I found this source to learn Thanks again I really apreciated it.

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    Thanks alot wiz the drums lessons am now perfect

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    Thank you, Nate, this has helped me tremendously so far! I hope to learn more from the next series of lessons. Being twelve makes it very difficult to learn guitar, go to school, and play soccer all at the same time, but tese lessons make it much easier to deal with! I am so excited to learn more!

  • Travis says:

    this is probably the only website i’ve found that lets you learn at your own pace and i love it! the only thing i have trouble with is remembering the names of the chords! >.< any help there?

  • Gs says:

    its realy nice

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    this is hard i need a smaller guitar i can barly reach where my fingers go on the frets

  • Sahashranshu says:

    Well this is great…Hey nate! it would be really helpful if you can suggest me some preliminary training to set the fingers over the strings…

  • Taaniel Jakobson says:

    I have metal strings, my fingertips are literally blue -_-

  • la la la:p says:

    thanks nate! these videos have improved what little I already knew, and (at least) doubled my learning speed!

  • Pam Hill says:

    I just found Nate’s site and am excited! I am going through the beginning lessons which are easy to follow…..I see one confusing part though….on the chord lessons. The actual diagram in the video is different from diagram written below in the notes. Why? For instance, in the video the Am7 is shown that the 1,3, and 5 string are open and the 6 string has an X. Down below the written diagram shows the first string open, the 5th string closed. All so the finger positions are the same in each but they are colored differently. Can someone please explain why these discrepancies? Thanks! And thank you Nate for the lessons!

  • Divya says:

    Posted on Hey, I just found you and your brilliant video! Love to coennct with you Can you @reply me on twitter? @laurahames. definitely called for action! Laura xo

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    really good lessons, thanks a lot. I am often struggling will gettinga clean finish on the chords. My nails are too long and so i am going to have to gp through a lot of pain of cutting them short and then hardening my skin. ahhhhh

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    Thank you for all your nice lessons. I saw one of your lessons and then I went and bought a guitar so I could learn and be like you or maybe better no one knows.


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    what does the filled in black dots mean?

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    i feel stupid because i cant do it =(

    • Noor Sherazi says:

      That isn’t any reason to feel stupid.I couldn’t do the Major D Chord at first, but now it’s fine.You just have to practice more.

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    thank u

  • paul says:

    Learning to play the guitar is a great way to relax. Once u purchase and set it up properly, it is pretty cheap thereafter! It is all about taking the time to practice and understanding that this will take some time to learn. My biggest challenge is stretching those fingers wide out on the frets and getting that crisp sound. Bar Chords are also tough! I can surely respect all of you who have practiced and played for years. Thank You!!!

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  • Melissa says:

    Hey! These lessons are awesome and easy to follow. I am a beginner. I am having trouble with the fingering. I feel like my fingers are like too small or something. They are short and its hard for me to curve them around relaxed because I feel I am straining. Any help on my short finger issue? LOL :P

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    Thank you so much I have tried many times to learn to play but no I can finally understand it!!!!!.

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    Dear Nate,
    Is it just me, or does the Am7 and C chord sound exactly the same? It sounds the same to me, please explain. But other than that the lessons are great! Thanks!

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    multumesc, incep sa cant si eu

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    I never, EVER thought I’d be able to learn, but I’m actually DOING it pretty well. My brother who plays guitar doesn’t come over much, and there are no lessons anywhere near me, so I thought I was out of luck. Then I found this and started playing, and I’m like “YES!” so thank you! And I have abnormally long fingers, so I’m thanking genetics now.

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    I’ve always wanted to learn guitar but none of the things I tried were working for me, until now. Thanks for all the tutorials , they really help.

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    for the Am7 and Cm i’m having trouble using the 2nd and 3rd fingers but i’m fine with using 1, 3 and 4. is this ok or will it cause me problems in the future?

  • Baker says:

    Many thanks for these helpful videos, they are quite simply the best of the bunch. I do have one question for you: I understand the X (do not play) and the 0 (open note), but what’s up with the black 0? Here’s a link to what I’m talking about (black 0 above the 5th string and an empty 0 above the first string. I tried to figure it out myself by rewatching the vids and reading all the comments, but it continues to elude.)

  • Baker says:

    I figured it out – the black 0 is over the note that has its name in the chord. That’s why it’s black over the A string for the A minor 7 in the link I posted. Another noob hurdle in the rearview!

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    these lessons are so helpful and easy to follow. Plus I learned viola first so that makes getting the chords easier too.

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    sir there is problem that when i play guitar it start to cut my left hand fingure…what can i use to prevent it

  • Hector says:

    It is better to learn correct left hand fingering and not get into a bad habit of incorrectly
    Fingering chords early when practicing chord changes.

  • jp louw says:

    Hi nate

    Just want to say thanx you have help me a lot I’ve been trying to play guitar for a while now I even went for lessons it didn’t helpt e at all but aftrr I have read all your advice and watch your videos I can now play over 10songs and it feewls good thx man you rock
    Sorry to hear about your break up though I wish you all the luck in the world stay strong

  • KRHIZ says:

    those names are different at spanish , they got to be DO and the other i don’t know

  • sarah says:

    heyy!!! my guitar has very low sounds while the guitar that you play is a high sound, what should i do to do it like yours??

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    Nate,I’m 10 years old and you have done WONDERS for me,I’m still a beginner but I have improved very much.I honestly can’t thank you enough

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    thanks for putting these videos up. I am learning on a digital neck board so i haven’t picked up the real thing but as soon as i come up with the money i’ll head out and get one and re-watch all of the beginner lessons so i can stay up to speed. Thanks again!
    -JaNay :)

  • james says:

    thanks a lot for making these videos i have been searching the web for a while and i have tried lessons but all the sites and my teacher expects me to know this stuff when i havent even started playing ive been wanting to play guitar for a long time but never known where to start thanks a lot

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    I am having problems with the A major 7 and the D major Nate savage!!!!

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    Thank you so much for the lessons!
    There’s been a guitar just laying around in our house for more then 20 years without anyone playing it, some of my brothers tried but gave up, and I almost started feeling guilty for leaving it alone, so just today I started learning how to play the guitar.

    Just a question, “my” guitar sounds gorgeous and clear, but somehow totally different and lower than the guitar in the videos, what could that be, and is it supposed to be that way?
    Also, the high E string is sunken into the nut a little more than the rest, so it’s a little hard to reach it, any tips?


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    is sx guitars a good brand of guitar?

  • Star says:

    Thank you so so much for these lessons. They are amazing!

    I’m usually a very quick learner but guitar is so difficult for me and I get frustrated pretty easily.

    My mum says it’s because I have no patience xD

    Your lessons have helped me a lot! THANK YOU <3

    Star x

  • Mike Baessler says:

    Nate does it make sense to wear some thin gloves so you can practice longer without the strings hurting your fingers so much? That way you can learn the positions of the cords, get the fingers to work and perfect them. Then maybe you can do it with out the gloves and work on your callouses. Anyone out there as a beginner use thin gloves?

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    So amazing, I learned more so far from these than I did from my guitar teacher two years ago, I know for a fact I won’t quit this time. You make it so understandable

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  • Bluenoze says:

    Hi nate, really cool lessons, I am picking things up dead easy, only problem is changing from one chord to another, where I have to stop look an start again. Great teacher. All the best from England.

    • Nate Savage says:

      Hey Bluenoze,

      Have you signed up for the Practice Routine Generator? The very first lesson in that series is on changing chords smoothly. I did that because I know that this topic is something that a lot of guitarists struggle with. :)


  • Jeremiah Kerner says:

    Hey guys, I’m just learning as well. I have picked up a few tips from Nate savage, Justin from Justin guitar.com and Marty Schwartz from guitarjamz.com. if any body is having trouble transitioning from d to g chord, you can use the Gallagher method. Place you’re third and fourth fingers on the third fret of the b and low e strings while in g. Keep your ring finger anchored on the b string when moving your first and middle finger from low e and a string to high e and g string, just remember to lift your pinky when switching to a d chord. I’ve been struggling with changing chords as well, and recognizing what the anchor finger is between chords will literally teach you how to walk your chord changes up and down the fret board.

  • Denny from Ohio says:

    After reading all these comments, I’ve decided you have to be in a certain age group the play a guitar. Between 9 and 71 years old. I’m 64. Sharing comments helps cause we all have about the same problems. There are three things we must do to learn this; #1: practice, #2: practice, and #3: practice. I’m in my fourth week. I can do this but it will take some time and the learning will never stop. Thanks Nate. your the best…….

    • Nate Savage says:

      That’s hilarious Denny. I get emails all the time asking me “Am I too old to learn”? Answer is no. :)

  • Alan says:

    Nate, I appreciate the lessons! One quick question. On your chord charts, I know the “X” at the top means to NOT play that string, and an open circle “O” means the string is played “open”. My question is, what does the dark circle mean? I haven’t seen you explain that yet. If so, my apologies.

    • Nate Savage says:

      Hey Alan,the dark filled in circles are the root notes of whatever chord your are playing. So… if you are playing a G major chord, the dark notes would be G notes. :)

    • jacob says:

      I was a poet thanks to u I’m a musition thank you

  • jade bella says:

    nate what is major and minor

  • Buguri on CP POPGB15 on poptropica says:

    Great classes for beginners.

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    Just turned 63 and decided it was time to learn how to play.
    Got a new guitar and have gotten off to a nice start with your lessons.

  • Abhinash says:

    this is a great site for beginners like me.

    though i needed to ask can make video on hto to read music sheets


  • Nate Savage says:

    Hey Abhinash, toward the bottom of this page you will find all of the lessons on theory and reading music. :) http://www.guitarlessons.com/guitar-lessons/

  • Larry says:

    Is it possible that my fingers are too short? I keep needing to shift the pad of my thumb to the middle of the neck to be able to reach around.

    • Nate Savage says:

      Hey Larry, I do that on some chords too, and I think it’s fine. I know that some of my favorite guitarists have fairly small hands so I really don’t think that is as big of an issue as many newer players make it out to be. You just kind of have to work hard at it and around it. :)

  • madeline rouches says:

    what if I physically can’t play the C major? I have even tried it with my thumb not touching the neck of the guitar at all, and my fingers still won’t reach the correct positions.

    • Nate Savage says:

      Just make sure that you give it a good couple of weeks of solid effort. If you still can’t do it just do what you have to to make it work for yourself. :)

  • Juma Petro says:

    Waw! this is an amazing lesson. am still a beginner and this lesson has encouraged me to concentrate more and more for brighter future. Many thanks teacher. May the Lord bless you.

  • Aysha Siddique says:

    What’s the difference b/w a major string and a minor string…like how you say an A minor or D major?

  • Bhavna Rasaily says:

    Hey Nate,
    I’m a beginner & I’ve been learning from your tutorial, so a huge THANK YOU first of all. Secondly, I just want ted to ask you that I have a lot of trouble playing the C major chord. My fingers seem to block some strings, especially my 3rd finger.Is it because i’m a beginner or are my fingers fat or something ?? Help…

    • Nate Savage says:

      Hey Bhavna, Lot’s of newer players have trouble with the open C major chord for the exact reason that you described. You really have to come down on the very tips of your fingers to make the open C major chord sound right.

  • Dam says:

    Man can’t stop thanking u man.. I feel the passion to play guitar again.. :D

  • Dam says:

    Hey I have a question.. I feel beginner is way to easy and I just wanna skip it a go directly to the next level.. Bt I think I have forgotten most things.. And I wanna surprise some guys in my church.. I really need ur advise.. Wat should I do.. Should I skip it or WAT???


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