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Undercover – E minor

This jam track is perfect for practicing lead guitar in E minor. You can use this track to practice your E minor scale, E minor pentatonic scale, or your E blues scale.

The A section of this track has 16 bars of E minor that you can use to work on your skills and improvisation. The B section goes through C major, B minor, E minor progression. The entire song is in the key of E minor, which means you can play your E minor scale the whole time if you like.

When you get to the B section of the song, you can also try playing over the chord changes. When the C major chord comes up, try playing your C major pentatonic scale. Try playing your B minor pentatonic scale when the B minor chord comes up. You can watch the video for an example of what you might do with this jam track.

Use this track to work on your E minor, E minor pentatonic, and E blues scales. You can even try playing around with E minor arpeggios. Download this jam track. When you first start playing along with it, feel free to keep it as simple as you like. If you’re just working on your E minor scale and getting used to it, that’s fine. As you practice more and more, you’ll get better at moving around the fretboard and making up your own melodies. Have fun playing along with this one.

e minor scale