taylor strumming mini-series

Welcome to the Taylor Guitar Strumming Mini-Series. The lessons here focus on some very simple yet effective concepts that will really help polish up your strumming. Enjoy and don’t forget to leave your comments and questions! Click Here if you want to check out the Taylor Guitar’s main lessons page.

Taylor Guitar Strumming Mini Series

Universal Strumming Tips

As guitar players, strumming is our bread and butter. Having said that, there are several simple things that we can do to make our strumming sound like a million bucks. In this series, I am going to show you a few of these simple things that you can use to really kick your strumming up…   Read More » 

Constant Strumming Technique

Welcome to the next installment of our strumming exploration! This time we are going to look at something called the constant strumming technique. This concept is one of the keys to figuring out your favorite songs and coming up with your own wicked strumming patterns. Whether you realize it or not, you are probably already…   Read More » 

Accents In Strumming

Hey strummers, it’s Nate Savage here again. This lesson is going to take a look at adding accents to your strumming patterns. To do this we will take a look at a simple strumming pattern that uses some basic accents. Throwing accents into your strumming patterns can help make your rhythm guitar playing much more…   Read More » 

Developing Your Timing

You don’t have to be the world’s greatest strummer to make great sounding music. In fact, if you can play a simple strumming pattern solid and in time it will make you sound like a real pro. In this lesson on strumming, we are going to take a look at a simple exercise that will…   Read More » 

Dynamics In Strumming

Have you ever been learning a new song or writing one of your own and thought to yourself, “Man… something is just missing from my playing?” Well, in this little article we are going to talk about dynamics and how using them in your playing can really bring some extra life and feeling to your…   Read More » 

Fast Triplet Strumming

In the past few lessons we have taken a look at some ways to polish up your strumming and make it more expressive. Now we are going to take a look at a simple stylistic technique that will give your strumming a fiery edge. The main idea in this lesson is to interject 32nd note…   Read More » 

Celtic Strumming Pattern

I am part Irish but I am not a hardcore “Celtic Style Guitarist” by any stretch of the imagination. Having said that we are going to be taking a look at a Celtic sounding strumming pattern in this little lesson. We will keep the example in 4/4 time to make things simple and straightforward. I…   Read More »