How To Play A Guitar Solo

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How To Play A Guitar SoloIn this guitar lesson I am going to give you some ideas on how to play simple guitar solos. You may think that you don’t know enough about the guitar or aren’t a good enough player to play a guitar solo. That’s not true. You can do it. Let’s just focus on a few simple things in this lesson that will help you to start soloing on the guitar.

The first thing that we need is a guitar chord to solo over. I picked a G7 chord. If you don’t know this chord take some time to look at the chord diagram and learn the G7 chord shape that we have included for you in this lesson. Now that we know what chord we are going to be playing over we can narrow down our choices for which scale to use in our solo. There are several scales that we could use to play over the G7 chord but let’s just keep it simple and use a G blues scale. If you don’t know the G blues scale don’t worry, we have given you the scale diagram so you can learn it.

Play the G7 chord and try to get that sound in your head. If you have away to record the G7 chord that would be great. Record the G7 chord and play it over and over again. If you don’t have a way to record just grab a friend and get them to play the G7 chord for you.

Now just experiment with the G blues scale over the G7 chord. There are no wrong notes at this point. Just mix up the notes, mess around and pay attention to what each note in the scale sounds like over the G7 chord. Once you experiment with the scale quite a bit you should start to remember what certain notes in the scale sound like over the G7 chord.

Try not to be too critical of you playing. We all have to start somewhere. The important thing is that you really experiment a lot and have fun.

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