Guitar Solo #4

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Learn How To Incorporate Chords And Licks Into Your Guitar Solos!

In this guitar lesson I went ahead and TABed out the rhythm part that goes with Guitar Solo #1. This progression is in the key of B minor and the basic chords that we will be using are B minor 7, Asus2, A5, E5, E minor 7, D major, D/F#, G major and F# major.

Watch the video a few times and then check out the TAB. Try to go through the whole thing. Don’t worry if you don’t know all of the chords in this little tune. This lesson will be a great opportunity for you to learn them. Leaning songs is a great way to build up your chord dictionary.

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  • Hemanth says:

    videos not working

    • Kelly says:

      What a terrific thing, a gutair that’s just right for someone with RA! I used to play a 12-string, way back in the beginning of time. I’m sure I’d still remember the basics, but I don’t have those hard-won calluses on my left-hand-fingertips anymore.I think it’s brave and wonderful that you’re pursuing this dream in spite of the limitations RA places on you. Best of luck with Little Martin somehow I just know you’ll be successful in learning to play him. And I’m looking forward to the music you’ll make together.

  • Charles Fasano says:

    Where’s the video?

    • Brayan says:

      and has a very nice rich tone. I had previously pacshured a 3/4 guitar which proved just a little to big for my 7 year old son, but this one sounds better (when in tune)and fits him just right. As many others have mentioned, it will not stay in tune for long. Originally I thought this was due to the normal stretching process that all new stings go through, but there is something else involved. It could be the machine heads are moving causing early loss of tuning. The included tuning pipes are useless and investing in and electronic tuner is a necessity, you will need to tune it frequently. Otherwise I would recommend this guitar for 6 to 10 year old’s.

  • David Lara says:

    That video doesn’t work!

  • Tamar says:

    Where is the video

  • Bacon Lover says:

    what happened to the video


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