TC Electronic Nova Repeater

Learn About The TC Electronic Nova Repeater In This Gear Review!


I have to say that I was pretty stoked to get my hands on the TC Electronic Nova Repeater delay pedal. For only $169 this high-quality delay pedal sports all of the features that I need and want in a delay pedal. Normally I would expect to pay about $200-$300 for a pedal like this. It seemed a bit too good to be true, but the Nova Repeater stood up to the test.

Plenty of different delay modes,, built in tap tempo, and several dual delay options make the Nova Repeater a great choice for live or studio gigs. The only thing that this pedal doesn’t really have is a way to store presets. If you don’t mind that, this pedal might just do it for you and leave you with enough money for a nice dinner and some strings.

Price  -  9.5/10


This might seem a bit expensive for a single pedal, but when you compare the Nova Repeater to other pedals with similar features you will quickly see that it is quite a bargain.

Sound Quality   -  9/10

I have always been a fan of TC’s time based effects. Having said that, this section might be a bit biased. The overall sound of the Nova Repeater is right up there with any other $200-$300 delay pedal that I have tried.  

The Nova Repeater really shined when running it through a real amp. It seemed to loose some of its luster when running it through a POD or Zoom type processor.

The modes on the Nova Repeater are especially nice sounding. Some delay pedals have several different modes, but you can’t always tell that big of a difference between them. Not so with this pedal. There is a pretty big difference between each of the 6 modes, and each mode has a great sound.

One of the great “Bonuses” on this pedal is the “Mod” knob. TC Electronic has thrown in some high-quality chorus and vibrato to help fatten up your delay sounds even more. Very nice for super-swimmy custom delay settings.

Build Quality  -  9/10

I can’t really say that TC Electronic products have ever given me any room to complain about quality. The Nova Repeater keeps their great track record going.

Features  -  9/10

• Knobs: Delay, Feedback, Tone, Mod, FX Level

• 6 Different Delay Modes: Studio, Analog, Tape, Dynamic, Reverse, Ping Pong

• Tap Tempo

• Audio Tapping

• Chorus and Vibrato Effects Via Mod Knob

• Hi and Lo Inputs

• Left and Right Outputs

• 9V AC adapter Included

Ease of Use  -  9/10

The Nova Repeater is a little more complex than the average delay pedal, but it is still pretty easy to use. If you compare it to it’s more expensive counterpart, the Nova Delay pedal, it is very easy to use.

The only things that might throw you for a quick loop are the Spillover and Kill Dry buttons. No worries though, they are pretty easy to pick up on once you play around with the pedal for a bit.

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• Great price

• 6 very usable delay modes

• Built in tap tempo

• Built in chorus and vibrato

• Several dual delay modes

• Easy subdivision switching

• Relatively small size for features offered

• AC adapter included


• You can’t store any settings

Overall Rating  -  9.1/10

The Nova Repeater comes loaded with a lot of great features without killing your wallet. If you are looking for a diverse, relatively compact delay pedal, with built in tap tempo, you should really check out this one. On the other hand, if you need a unit that holds a ton of presets, this one probably won’t work for you.

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