Fender G DEC 3 15 Watt Amp

Learn About The Fender G DEC 3 In This Gear Review!


If you are tired of practicing with a metronome, and would like a small practice amp, the Fender G DEC 3 is the answer to your prayers. The G DEC comes loaded with tons of different amp models, effects and stylistic band loops for your practicing pleasure. The sounds in the G DEC 3 are quite a bit better than its predecessors too. Extra features such as the USB out, headphones out, auxiliary in, SD card slot, Fender Fuse software and Ableton Live Lite 8 recording software make the G DEC an even sweeter and more useful toy and tool.

Price - 8.5/10

The G DEC is a pretty good sounding practice amp that comes with a ton of different amp models and built in jam loops. I think that $300 is a pretty reasonable price for just those features. When you factor in all of the extras like the software, SD card slot and USB out the G DEC becomes quite a great value.

Sound Quality - 7.5/10

The guitar sounds on the 15 watt G DEC are pretty comparable to other practice amps with the same wattage. It does sound pretty small but that is pretty normal for an amp this size. Having said that, I think that the sounds on the G DEC 3 are much better than the two previous models. The band tracks sound particularly good! I would have probably given the first G DEC a 6 for the “Sound Quality” rating.

Build Quality - 7/10

The build quality of the G DEC didn’t really seem to be any better or worse than any other brand of amp in this price range. I didn’t notice anything that felt shoddy, but I was also not particularly impressed by any outstanding build features. It seems to be a good amp that will probably last you quite a long time if you take care of it.

Features - 9/10

• 15 Watts

• 1×8” Speaker

• 100 Presets In Many Styles

• USB Out

• USB Cable Included

• Fender Fuse Software

• SD Memory Card Slot

• Auxiliary In

• Built In Chromatic Tuner

• AmpliTube Fender LE Modeling Software

• Onboard Phrase Sampler

Ease of Use - 7.5/10

The G DEC can be a bit difficult to learn how to use at first, but if you read through the manual it is not too tough. I will say that the overall interface of the G DEC is a bit easier to use than most other guitar effects processors on the market. Once you figure out what the main knobs on the G DEC actually do, you can navigate your way around the basic functions pretty quickly. Some of the more obscure features of the G DEC will take a bit longer to learn.

The software that comes with the G DEC is awesome because you can have your own mini recording studio on your computer. If you have never messed with recording or modeling software you might have a hard time learning about the functions of the USB port. There is enough info out there to get you up and running if you are not afraid to put in the effort.

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• Great for practicing

• Lots of musical styles

• Lots of amp models and effects

• USB out

• Comes with recording software


• Can be a bit tough to learn at first

• Sounds a bit small

Overall Rating - 7.9/10

I would love to have a G DEC 3 at home for practicing. It kind of forces you to work on your timing without being bored to death by the click of a metronome. The G DEC also helps you to practice styles of music that you might not normally play.

There are a ton of great features on the G DEC other than the mountain of amp models and jam tracks. The USB out and the software are great because they enable you to start recording your own music on your computer. That is a super-great value to me.

The sub-heading on the amp under G DEC says “guitar digital entertainment center”, but I think it should say “guitar digital entertainment center and woodshed”. If you need some inspiration in your practice time or just want to have some serious fun at home, you should really check out the Fender G DEC.

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